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Slave Narrative Timeline

Dear 7/8 Parents- Here is the timeline for completing the steps towards a final draft of a slave narrative.  We discussed this together in class today.  (Later I will be asking you to read a section of your child’s draft.) Outline/Think Sheet-   Completed Planning Conference-  only a few to be completed Writing 1st Draft-          Mon 11/28, Tues 11/29, Wed 11/30 1st Draft DUE-              Thurs […]

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Be Thankful for What You Have By Lily O’Rourke                                               November is a time to be thankful. We often forget about thankfulness but it’s very important. Thanksgiving  originated from Boston. The first Thanksgiving was held there in 1621.  It’s hard to be thankful when you live in a country where you already have all […]

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L.A. Skills Boot Camp

Each semester, the Language Arts program is based on a targeted theme. This semester has been based around Curiosity, and students have read and studied non-fiction and fiction texts, written summaries, narratives, and expository analyses and comparisons, and have presented their work in the form of a journal project, and a spoken presentation in front of a live audience. Next semester the 7th grade theme will be based around Social Media, while the 8th graders study […]

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Highlights: Can you imagine getting up in front of one hundred students and reading your work, when you were six years old? That’s just what the Ks did.  At All school Meeting, they read their Thanksgiving notes. They spoke clearly and loudly. Afterwards, they carefully walked around the central area showing their illustrations. The Ks had a chance to learn from the 3/4th graders about their Ancestral Pueblo projects. A pair of 3/4th graders took each K […]

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Thank you all for sharing your children with us.  We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!