100 Days

Highlights: Seeing all the Ks in their pajamas and or costumes for the 100 day party was delightful.                                                                                                                                                                

Language Arts: Reading: In addition to learning to read new predictable books, the Ks listened to various Dr. Seuss stories and to excerpts about their animals. 

Writing: We had a short discussion about editing. We asked the Ks if they thought that grown up writers wrote and illustrated their story perfectly the first time or if they have to make changes. The Ks all felt that even grown up writers had to improve their work. After talking about getting books ready to be published, the Ks worked on making sure the beginning letter of the first word in their sentence was an uppercase letter and the sentence ended with a punctuation mark. The Ks copied their text focusing on writing most of the letters in lowercase. They made a picture of how they wanted their title page to look. 


Math: The Ks compared and  matched the faces of 3-D shapes. They began creating a 100 picture book. They counted out 100 beads and began stringing them to make a necklace. 

Wellness: We reintroduced the empathy tool. The tool’s tagline is ‘I care for others. I care for myself.’ We gave the Ks various scenarios that we had seen at recess, in the classroom, and at lunch to act out. The Ks enjoyed acting out the various roles. 

Homework: Help your child read his/her math story problem. Help your child think about how she/he wants to create a title page for his/her Explorers’ Club book by looking at a cover and title of a few books. Help him/her see that the cover and title page is both the same and different. Usually both have the title and author on the cover and title page. Usually the illustrations shows an aspect of the topic. Often the illustrations are different.

Gratitude: Thank you Louisa and Vanessa for the snacks. The Ks enjoyed the fresh cut up pineapple, homemade banana bread, and the cookies made with maple sugar. Thank you Amy for helping on Friday.  We were happy you wore your pajamas like the rest of the class. Thank you Zoe, Luke, and Gabby for sharing recycled materials for the inventions project. Thank you Addy for bringing in books to share with the class. 

Upcoming Dates: March 7 Empty Bowls at Bumps Restaurant 5-7pm

March 14 10:30-11:30 K Winter Semester Celebration

March 15 X-Country- Ski Day at Snowmass Nordic Center- Depending on weather conditions

March 16 Cinderella presented by The Aspen High/Middle School Theatre Department at 12:00 at the The Aspen District Theater

March 22-23 Conferences- Your child will lead the first part of the conference

March 26 – April 2: Spring Break!


Notes: Volunteer Needs: 3/14 Food donations-K Winter Semester Celebration

3/15 2 ski helpers for the X-Country Ski Day

Friday 2/16 3/16  2-3 Volunteers 11:00-2:50 to help chaperone the Ks  to, during and back from the Cinderella Performance

Have a lovely weekend. We look forward to seeing your amazing child on Monday. 

Annie & Margaret