11/10 ~ Election Day in the 3-4!


Upcoming Dates:

  • November 15 – 1-2 El Tioga
  • November 20-24 – No School: Thanksgiving Break


  • Next week’s snack person is:  Aaron

With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Lizzy and family, for bringing in nutritious snacks for our class this week!  
  • Thank you, Henry and family, for providing snacks for our class the week of Fall Break!
  • We so appreciate the families that provided lunch items on the conference days.  The delicious, wholesome meals were just we needed to keep our energy going.  We are not used to sitting that much in a day. :)

What’s Happening in the 3-4:

In writing, students have begun a two week poetry unit. By using the “doors of poetry” (observation, wonder, heart, memory and concerns of our world) children are gathering ideas and writing about them using rhythm, rhyme, repetition, and figurative language. The goal is a poem a day, and so far kids have been cranking those poems out. Ask your child to share some of their poem ideas!

In math, third graders are wrapping up their first unit of introducing multiplication and division.  They have been working on visualizing the problem to ensure understanding, writing an equation, and showing the strategy to solve for the missing number.  These steps have been important as they are determining whether to multiply or divide from a story problem.  Array cards are in their homework folders today so they can practice facts at home.  These cards help students see the problem and equal groups of multiplication through a model.  Fourth graders are practicing graphing data into line plots and describing the data set as a whole.  They are finding ways to look at the range and concentrated data to decide what is typical from a data set.  They are also interpreting what outliers could mean for the data set and choosing important features to summarize.

We have begun a new reading unit where students are learning important skills for reading, note-taking, and sharing about non-fiction texts. Your child should have non-fiction and fiction books in their book bag. You may see that children are energized about non-fiction and wanting to read it all the time. Please support them to continue reading fiction at home. Fiction reading builds fluency and is an integral piece of the “becoming a better reader” puzzle, so we can’t lose track of that even when non-fiction excitement builds. A good balance could be to split their reading log time between fiction and non-fiction, or switch off days.

The social studies projects are just, WOW. We are looking forward to students sharing these projects with other kids in our community next Wednesday. We are impressed with just how much information the kids have synthesized about places and events that are important to Colorado’s history. Currently, groups of students are studying people of importance and will be creating picture books to teach each other about these people that have changed Colorado’s history. We are trying to answer the big question, “How have the people, places and events in Colorado history affected where we live today?”

The forts are in full motion. This week, on election day, kids elected Watson to president, and Ava to vice president. The recent movements are towards assigning jobs in the forts, giving money to the poor, and building and efficient economy. Parents…this is all created by the kids…we just support them. It is SO interesting what they come up with!



Reading homework: Reading stamina at home as now been bumped up! Students are expected to read at least 30 minutes and log it every night. We are building important executive functioning skills and life-long reading habits with this practice. Thank you for supporting this at home.

Friday to Thursday homework: Look for a family letter about our math studies this week in your child’s homework folder.  Homework this week consists of exercises in a variety of subjects: math, spelling, grammar, and keyboarding.  

  • Math: Third graders are bringing home array cards to practice multiplication. They also have a page to complete with multiplication.  Fourth graders have a page to complete with graphing and describing data (in complete sentences).  They are also expected to practice multiplication facts.
  • Spelling:  There is a spelling list from this week’s pattern along with an envelope of the pattern’s word sort cards. These cards can be used to practice the spelling pattern. For spelling homework kids need to do 3 of the tic-tac-toe activities and be ready for a spelling quiz, which is on Thursday next week.
  • Grammar: One sheet focusing on commas and choosing the right word.
  • Keyboarding:  We are setting students up to get additional keyboarding practice at home.  They are already accustomed to the program from working on it in class.  It is recommended that you practice for only 10 minutes at a time.  The goal is to practice at least 2 times this week (there is a log for them to fill out and return next Thursday with the homework packet).  We are working hard at keeping good finger to key placement.  You can support this by reminding them of proper finger placement.  There are also a couple of images attached to the student letter to help with this.   We have sent you all a link for the Keyboarding program we have started in the classroom.  It should be coming to you from technology@hwtears.com.   If there are any glitches in the program with your home computer, please let us know and we will work with the KWT support team to see what we can do to get it going smoothly for you!  Thanks for supporting your child’s 21st century technology skills.