7th and 8th Grade Math September 2017

We spent the first week looking at what math is and what mathematicians do in order to set the stage for doing rich math and thinking like mathematicians every day. We have also set Math Norms:

  • Talk about each other’s thinking.
  • Answers are important but they are not the math.
  • Errors are gifts that promote discussion.
  • Use multiple strategies and multiple representations.
  • Ask questions until ideas make sense.

And we have worked group challenges to come up with agreements for group work:

  • We will respect each other.
  • We will solve problems together.
  • We will ask questions of each other until ideas make sense.


The first 8th grade unit is Thinking With Mathematical Models: Linear and Inverse Variation. In this unit we will explore situations that can represented with various mathematical models, including graphs and equations. We will also examine variability and association between two numerical or categorical variables.

The first 7th grade unit is Shapes and Designs: Two-Dimensional Geometry. Students will recognize, analyze, measure, and reason about shapes and visual patterns that are important features of our world. They will analyze the properties that make certain shapes special and useful.