9/6 Smuggler, The Forts, See Ya Alli and Welcome Sarah

Quote of the Week:  Chosen by Eva “A life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.” ~Mike Medaglia


The Scoop:

Did you hear about Smuggler Mine? Yes, it is true that a 2,340 lb nugget was pulled from Smuggler mine…the largest hunk of silver ever found. There are so many holes in that mountain, one is 7 times the size of The Hotel Jerome, yes you read that correctly. It is mind-boggling to imagine what a miner’s life was like; hard work, and for a lucky few…a major payoff. 

In writing class, students are writing stories. Third graders are cultivating the art of personal narratives where they write about true times in their lives. They’re growing descriptive language, using dialogue to bring the reader into the world of their story and add feelings to enrich their narratives. Ask your child what story they chose to spend more time on and how they decided to begin their story (we worked hard on beginnings this week!) 

The fourth grade writers are growing their fiction writing skills by creating stories that are based on realistic events. Ask them about their story, what the problem and solution are, and what message they think their story will teach. 

All writers are studying grammar through a curriculum that looks at the patterns within language and how we use those patterns to give our words meaning and power. This week we looked at how writer’s use plural nouns to show more than one person, place or thing. See if they remember it; ask them to give you some plural nouns, or see if you can come up with any irregular plural nouns together that we can add to our class list (hint: regular ones end in s.) We will begin our in-class spelling lessons soon. Spelling will be based on words that fit a pattern and spelling practice will happen weekly, and in class. 

Upcoming Dates

  • 9/26 Field Trip to Holden/Marolt and Wheeler/Stallard, regular school hours
  • 9/27 No School- Teacher Work Day
  • 10/2 Harvest El Tioga
  • 10/15-10/18 Field Trip to Denver, 3 nights/4 days. 
  • 10/24, 10/25 No School- Fall Break


With Gratitude:

  • Thank you to all of the families that came out for back to school night. It was a great turn out and it was so lovely to hang out with you all.



  • Today was not goodbye, but simply a “see ya later” to Alli, who is now off on maternity leave. Sarah Hopkins has been here all week and will stay on as Alli’s long-term sub. We are so fortunate to have Sarah with us and are excited about our teaching team for the remainder of this semester. From now on, please email Jen, Sarah and Gigi, thanks!

Student Class News from Levi and Olivia “In third and fourth grade on 9/9/19 we started Patterns of Power, which is learning proper grammar. In cursive with the fourth graders we learned the  magic “C” and how it can make so much cursive letters like “ g, a,c,d,o”. THE FORTS OPENED!!!!!!!!!! In my fort we have been decorating and cleaning and we’re going to open a shop and we’re going to make a shop next to our fort. -olivia In the cop’s fort we have been investigating with Eva and Annaliese because someone stole 2 pinch pots and one cup, we do not know who did it but we are looking for them (a note from The Forts Cops)