A mini-blog…

From us to you:

  • Your reader is coming home with a traditional Chinese folktale in his or her homework folder. Your job is to share this reading with your kiddo, be incredibly amazed at the complete retell that you will hear, be wowed by the use of exact language from the text, and prepare to be a little scared at night.
  • Our El-Tioga is next Wednesday. Massive thanks to our parent reps for putting it all together, and massive thanks to all of you for signing up so quickly to help. Almost everything is covered!
  • Definitely ask your first or second grader about this morning’s inspirational All School Meeting. We all learned that even the smallest of us can speak up and make a difference.
  • If you happen to have found a small pair of blue Ugg inside shoe/boots, then would you mind sending them back to school? We have a pair of feet who needs them.
  • Our goal for our scene is to have all actors know their lines (without having to use the script) by Monday.

Enjoy your weekend!

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie