ACS and the BHAG

May 11, 2017

By any measure the Spring Musical was amazing. On the Wheeler stage students overcame their fears and performed, in front of 500 audience members.  But the as good as this show was, the actual performance is not why we take on this all school task. We believe in thinking big and setting “impossible goals.” It’s a concept business guru Jim Collins calls the “BHAG” or Big Hairy Audacious Goal. The idea is to create a school challenge that is big, bold and so compelling that it galvanizes the entire school community around our core principles: academics, relationships and relevance. Once again we all learned that through hard work, collaboration and respect anything is possible. Take a look at the beautiful photos taken by ACS parent, Beth Provo-Hanlen.


Preparing for Global Citizenship

The day after the Spring Musical our 8th graders boarded the Amtrak in Glenwood Springs, bound for San Francisco. The 30 hour trip is just the start of an experience that compels students to experience a world beyond the Roaring Fork Valley. Our focus is serving the homeless. Each morning students report to” ”jobs” at a soup kitchen in the Tenderloin District. They become part of a team that prepares and delivers food to hundreds of hungry, needy souls. It’s a humbling experience that inspires compassion, empathy and endless discussion. After the breakfast shift we visit neighborhoods rich in culture and diversity. In Chinatown, the Castro, Mission and North Beach students experience people are who are unique, different and vibrant.  They come to see the world differently: as a place where similarities are bigger and more important than differences.  Finally, after two weeks of urban immersion it’s back on the train and the long ride home. Students are glad to get home but they are never quite the same.