“Enjoy the little things. For one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” – Robert Brault

The word gratitude can feel heavy. As a kid, we would whip around the Thanksgiving table so everyone could share a few words describing what they were grateful for. It is a lovely tradition but even now, I find myself feeling a little panicked. There are so many things to appreciate. How can you pick just one?

As I watched the students load onto the school buses last Friday afternoon, I was overwhelmed by a rush of goodness. Students were smiling and wishing one another a nice Thanksgiving break. Our bus drivers, Fred and Barb, greeted every student by name as they boarded the bus. Parents were busy sweeping up their children and wishing the teachers well. There was a hum of contentment, belonging, and appreciation.

I am grateful for the abundance of goodness embedded in the ordinary days at the Aspen Community School. Our parents are incredibly supportive of children, teachers, and one another. Our teachers care deeply about student’s well being, striving to engage every student, every day. Our students are kind, smart, and unafraid of the word gratitude. As a community, we work to maintain the traditions that reflect our collective values. Together, we have created the conditions that allow lifelong learning to become a habit.

This will be a mouthful to share during the Thanksgiving whip around.

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday filled with goodness.