Compass School buildings will remain closed to our students and families through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Lifelong learning will continue through distance learning.

ACS School News March 10

Re-enrollment  Forms are due back to the ACS Front Office Before Spring Break.  Please click on the link Re-enrollment Form for a printable version.  You may scan it to or send it in with your student.  Be sure and get it back to us so we know that your student is returning!  We are accepting applications for student enrollment for next year.  Do you know families that are interested in attending ACS?  Our final scheduled Open House is March 17, 8:30am to 9:30am.  No RSVP required!

Aspen Community School Calendar for the 2020-2021 school year is almost ready!  We waited for the release of RE-1 calendar for next year as a courtesy to our families that have students in both ACS and RE-1 schools.  We usually try to straddle any differences between the Aspen District calendar and the RE-21 calendar.  Please stay tuned.  It should be out by the end of the week!

Portfolio Conferences are booking up for March 19 and 20.  Kindergarten through Fourth Grade families are asked to schedule and Art/Music conference before or after the classroom conference. Teachers have sent out links to book your own conferences.  The only conferences that really need to get booked through the front desk are for the 1-2 classroom.  Please give me a call 923-4080 if I can help schedule any conferences.


At school we are intensifying our protocols for virus prevention. This includes education and practice of hand washing, disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, increasing our cleaning services, avoiding touch with eyes, nose, and mouth, and encouraging everyone to follow our illness policy (page 11). Please stay home when you or your child are not feeling well. Attached is a guiding document from Children’s Hospital.

Additionally, our conversations regarding the coronavirus are fact based and action oriented. We do not wish to increase student fear or anxiety. Recommended read: How to Talk to Kids about the Coronavirus- Keeping our own anxiety in check is key.

Casey White
Aspen Community School
The Ice Skating Rink has melted so No more Ice skating at school this year. Please take all ice skates home.
Out of School Activities

Lots of local Parenting Programs and Summer Camp listings all in one place!


 The Aspen Indigenous Foundation (formerly the Aspen Ute Foundation.) We are super excited  about  hosting the Pow Wow at the Aspen High School this year on 4/11/20 . The word is out amongst the dancers and singers on the Pow Wow circuit ! We  will have many more competitors , vendors  and attendees this year . This year we  will have a healthy version of Fry bread and all that goes with it  for sale on sight . The Pow Wow welcomes and honors the Utes and other tribes from other states as well .
        We are a non profit organization . If you know anyone that would like to donate a prize to our raffle or to the Aspen Indigenous Foundation  pls contact Dianne at 970 948 7575 . We do need a few volunteers to help make this fabulous day a success .
           Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
      Karin v Gieske
      Aspen Indigenous Foundation