ACS School News March 30, 2020

Here we are in Virtual Aspen Community School.  It is good to be together.  The Zoom school meeting was a big success with over 75 people viewing and many participating.  As all of the classes and services start online we will work together through this “new normal”

Re-enrollment Forms are due before April 3rd. Re-enrollment Form You can scan them to Cindy at or just send an email to this same address with your student’s names and your intention for next year.  Please do it by this Friday since we are drawing the lottery for new students and we need to know what spaces are available.

Lottery Deadline is this Friday, April 3.  It is the last day for families to submit a student application to be in the ACS Lottery.  Let any interested families know that they can find an application on the  website.  It is under Aspen Community School Admissions.  Your friends will thank you!

The 2020-2021 ACS Calendar is finalized!  

2020 – 2021 ACS Calendar 

We are happy to be back together again!  You will receive a lot of information from Casey and your child’s classroom teachers.

Please reach out to us by email as any questions arise! The building will be closed through April 30.