Another Great Week in 3-4

What a fun week! On Wednesday we began Celebrate the Beat with energy, focus, and gratitude. Some kids jumped right into the fun and others took a day or two to warm up to the idea of dance, but now everyone is in on the fun. Some of the highlights for us have been learning about Frida Khalo, self-expression, and learning complicated movement sequences.

This week, the ACS Choir had their big performance at Harris Hall, and they also performed during all school meeting. It is clear they have been focussed and working hard to learn the songs, and their voices sounded like a symphony of angels! It was quite magical, and they should be proud of their hard-work.

The 3-4 Learning Center had a wonderful visit to The Aspen Art Museum this Friday, where we focussed on observation of art. Specifically, how we can see art from one perspective, and then after learning more about it, see it from a different or deeper angle. This experience also welcomed students to the art museum with thoughts of “this is your museum,” inviting kids to come back with families and join various art classes. We suggest that you take a trip in with your kids and have them show you around!

Upcoming Dates


  • January 17-February 5th: Celebrate The Beat practice
  • February 6th: Celebrate The Beat Performance


  • February 9: No School – Teacher Professional Development Day (We wanted to make sure you received notification of this date change well in-advance as this day used to be on the schedule for February 2.)

With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Penelope and family, for providing nutritious snacks for our class this week.


  • Next week’s snack person is:  Rupert
  • On January 19th, lunch is provided by the Aspen Art Museum
  • Weekly Homework packet and spelling quiz will be on Thursday, as usual.

Student Class News: Tommy and Beckett

This week we started CTB. This week there was a choir performance. We have been working on artist studies in writing class.