Authors, archeologists, and all-around awesomeness!

Our elk is emerging!

 Happy weekend, everyone! 


  • How do you share something you’ve learned?  This is the guiding question we are using to frame our study of non-fiction literature.  We’ve begun reading information texts to learn more about the habits of elk.  Be sure to check-in with your reader to learn the predators of elk, whether they are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores, and what adaptations they make in order to survive the winter.
  • Sustained independent reading stamina:  38 minutes!


  • We have concluded our Personal Narrative writing unit and have moved on to our Informational (Non-Fiction) writing unit. Our writing celebration at school was a huge hit, and our published authors are also enjoying some publicity through All School Meetings and daily readings of their books.

  • Starting on Monday, first and second grade writers will be composing how-to, teaching, and all-about books on their favorite subjects each day. Over this weekend, you can help your writer prepare by brainstorming some subjects on which he or she is an expert (or is super passionate about). Our goal with this unit is VOLUME of books, so we want to be able to hit the ground running with loads of ideas.


  • Your first grade mathematicians have finished our first unit of math!  We have built a repertoire of addition and subtraction strategies that we will continue to practice as we move into geometric shapes on Monday.
  • Your second grade mathematicians are diving into the world of story problems! Close reading, careful detective work, deciding whether to add or subtract, and then being able to show your thinking on the page are the steps that we’re working on. You could have some fun this weekend with creating some story problems with (or for!) your second grader…


  • Boy oh boy, have you heard about our ELK?!
  • We found a bunch of bones on our hike up behind school last week, and we’ve been super curious about their origins. We gathered the bones, transported the bones back to school, sorted the bones, cleaned the bones, and now we’ve begun to assemble the bones into a “full” skeleton. Using non-fiction resources, we’ve researched different elk and deer that live in our area in an effort to narrow down the description of our find.
  • With the expert help of Chris Faison, we are beginning to assemble our bones. Rebar, baling wire, newspaper, masking tape, and tin foil are our mediums of choice so far. We are realizing, however, that we are needing some more materials. If you have any extra wire hangers at home, then would you consider donating them to our cause? Just send ’em in on Monday!
  • If you have any construction expertise and are available on Monday, then we’d also love YOUR help. Chris is looking for a few adult helpers on Monday morning or afternoon as he works with our kiddos to construct/hang our elk. Let us know if you can join us!


  • Thursday, 10/19 – ACS Coffeehouse. Check your inbox for an email from Veronica for more information!
  • Saturday, 10/21 – Aspen School District Ski Swap! Aspen Middle School, 9:30am – 1:00pm. This awesome event funds our additional Outdoor Ed needs, and is a terrific way to update and/or clean out your gear closet. A bunch of us will be volunteering at this event, so we’ll probably see you there! (You can click here for more info!)


  • Thanks to Olivia and her mom for baking us delicious and beautiful cookies this week!
  • Thanks to Eden for being this Wednesday’s reading guest!
  • Thanks to Lisa for being our Wednesday morning math helper!
  • Thanks to River for bringing yummy ice cream sandwiches!
  • Thanks to Bija’s grandparents for coming to school and teaching us about the shofar, traditions, and cultural customs.


  • Be sure to contact Cindy ASAP to sign up for your parent-teacher conference on Nov. 2nd or 3rd. Available time slots are filling up.
  • Our snowy Mondays have been fun these last two weeks, but we’re REALLY enjoying the warm Fall sunshine!


That’s our news from 1-2 Land! Enjoy the weekend, and we’ll see you back in school on Monday!

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie