Butterflies, Ghost Towns & Forts

Quote of the Week:  Chosen by Levi — “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” -Oscar Wilde


The Scoop:

This week was so much fun! Our field trip to Ashcroft was beautiful, peaceful and informative. Did you know that when the town of Ashcroft was a town it had 3000 people living there? Aspen only had about 300 at the time! Why aren’t there more houses still in Ashcroft? Well that’s because the miners took their houses with them, pretty cool, huh!?  We also had some classroom pets this week…butterflies! Watching their metamorphosis from chrysalis to butterfly is mind-blowing and a reminder in the possibility of change :) In addition, kids went on a boundary walk of the forts today. So, if you have a third grader, ask them what they saw and what they think about the forts. 

We also began the fun of real writing, math and reading classes. In reading kids learned their reading partners, (if they haven’t shared yet, ask them who they’re paired up with!) they also learned how our library is set up, how and when to book shop, and got a bunch of solid time reading books. In math, third graders started to learn the concept of multiplication by thinking about things that come in equal groups and practicing strategies to solve multiplication story problems.  Fourth graders are expanding their understanding of multiplication (and numbers!) by finding all the ways to make a number through multiplication. For example, 12 can be made with the following factor pairs: 1×12, 2×6, 3×4. We will add info about writing in next week’s blog. 


Upcoming Dates

  • 9/11 Field Trip to Smuggler Mine, regular school hours
  • 9/11 Scholastic order due (see below for more info)
  • 9/11 5:00 Back to School Night 
  • 9/13 Picture Day!
  • 9/26 Field Trip to Holden/Marolt and Wheeler/Stallard, regular school hours
  • 9/27 No School- Teacher Work Day
  • 10/15-10/18 Field Trip to Denver, 3 nights/4 days. 
  • 10/24, 10/25 No School- Fall Break


With Gratitude:

  • Thank you to Havens and family for bringing in their monarch caterpillars that turned into butterflies while in our classroom. 
  • Thank you to Samila for offering to be our parent rep!



  • For the Smuggler trip kids need particular clothing. They have to wear closed-toe shoes or else they are not allowed in the mine. It is colder inside the mine, so they should wear a jacket or warm layer. 
  • You’re Invited to our classroom! Please join us on 9/11 at 5:00 for back to school night. You can expect to learn about us, your child’s day/year, and get to know other parents in our class. We look forward to seeing you there. 


Student Class News from Rusty and Keller “We are getting ready to open the forts and we went to Ashcroft. We also had are first couple reading workshosp and writing and math classes.”