Celebrating Art, Inventions, & Books


Highlights: On Wednesday, we enjoyed having you see what the Ks have been working on this semester. What did you think of the various presentations? Please email us your thoughts.

On Friday at the All School Meeting every K shared one interesting fact they learned about their Explorers’ club topic such as you can hear a lion’s roar five miles away, horses have 40 teeth, a group of owls is called a parliament, and dolphins sleep with one eye open. Ask your child what fact he/she shared. 

In preparation for our spring play, the entire school went to see Cinderella at the district theater. It was delightful watching the Ks watch the production. Most of the time they were fascinated. Ask your child what part he/she liked. 

Wellness: We continued to learn about and apply the Garbage Can Tool. This tool allows us to keep our personal power as we decide whether something that happened to us is a big deal or little deal.  If it’s a little deal, we can throw it in a symbolic garbage can and leave it there. If it’s a big deal, then we can take a few deep breaths and think of tools that could be used to communicate our thoughts. At All School Meeting some of the 7th grade boys and girls put on skits that reinforced these points. Ask you child what the action looks like when he/she throws something away in the garbage can. Have a conversation about the benefits of this tool.


Homework: If you haven’t already, please send in a picture of your child and type your child’s biography and email it to us as soon as you reasonably can. Once we have your child’s picture and text, she/he will be able to glue the items on to the Author’s page at the back of his/her Explorers’ Club book. You will find handwritten draft in the parent’s section of the Friday Folder. Give your child time to complete his/her ABC page and the Seuss math page.

Requests: Please send in a large cloth bag by Wednesday so that your child can bring home all his/her outside gear to get cleaned over break. Please bring a cloth bag to your child’s conference so that you can take his/her invention, portfolio, books, and folder home. 

Upcoming Dates: 

March 22-23 Conferences- Your child will lead the first part of the conference

March 26 – April 2: Spring Break!

Gratitude: Thank you Gabby and Julie for the snacks. Thank you Meghan for bringing snacks for the K Winter Semester Celebration. We were all hungry and appreciated gobbling up all the goodies. Thank you Yosefa for providing Mac and Cheese, salad, and watermelon for those who ordered it. Thank you Galen, Kathy, and Craig for chaperoning the Ks at Cinderella. 


Annie & Margaret