Chilly Days

Highlights: On Thursday the Ks heard and acted out a classic children’s story called Frederick by Leo Lionni. On Friday morning the Ks were challenged to be Frederick by looking at our colorful landscape outside and drawing it. With the help of Delvon Nemecheck, we all went out into the blustery weather and found spots out of the wind to draw.

Language Arts: The Ks continued to learn to read predictable books. They worked on pointing to each word as they read. To reinforce their letter names and sounds, they played alphabet Bingo. They also looked for sounds and or, pictures that had a particular sound. Using a letter/sound resource sheet, some Ks began spelling and writing simple words. 

After the surprise snowstorm on Monday, all the Ks drew a picture of themselves in snow gear. Most of the Ks drew their picture again on a note to encourage their family to send in winter gear. 

After looking at books by adult authors, the Ks were asked, “Could they be writers?”  They all eagerly affirmed that they could. Then they were  challenged to think of a topic they knew a lot about, illustrate it, and write about it. Some discovered that it was easy to come up with a topic. Others found it to be hard. Some found it was tricky to illustrate their topic. Almost everyone found it was difficult stretching out and writing the sounds they heard in a word.   

Math: The K mathematicians looked at various counting books and then dove into making their own books. They played a board game called The Great Cookie Chase.

Wellness: The focus was on ways to keep germs from spreading. The Ks were encouraged to cough in their sleeves, to use kleenex, and to wash their hands frequently.  

Gratitude:Thank you Noah and Maria for the delicious snacks. Thank you Delvon for spending Friday morning with us. Thank you all for sending in gym shoes and outside winter gear.

Notes: While the weather holds, we’ll spend part of the afternoons preparing our garden for the winter. Please be sure your child has clothes that can get dirty. 

In case you want to get a brief history of our school garden that was installed in memory of a wonderful student called Verena Bent, take a look at this video.   

Upcoming Dates: 10/9 Drew is snack king. 10/12 5:30 Coffee House- check with Veronica for details. 10/26 & 10/27 Fall Break

Volunteer Support: 10/13 Friday support ideally 8:00-11:25

We’d love help framing and hanging the Ks’ landscape paintings. Let us know when you could help and we’ll show you what to do.

We’d appreciate help protecting the wood supporting our garden beds. Let us know when you could help and we’ll show you what to do.

Over the next three weeks, we  hope to take a few field trips. As soon as we have logistics in place, we’ll put out the word for a few volunteers.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. 

Savor the fall colors, 

Annie and Margaret