Cross Country Skiing in November!

Highlights: This week Team K went cross country skiing together for the first time, and it’s only November! Every one of them did a GREAT job, already going up and down the small hill which serves as a lip to the field by the gym. Tons of fun was had by all!



We began a new genre of writing this week called “How-To,” which is the introduction to informational writing in our curriculum by Lucy Calkins. Writing How-To books is the perfect way to introduce this age group to a more serious form of writing. Not only did the Ks learn about this new genre, they went deep into it, some kiddos writing three How-To books already! Our goal is to be able to write one book every day now.

Literacy: Not only did we start How-To writing, we also continued to read voraciously. Ks are practicing blending for our upcoming assessments. They are doing a great job of pointing to the first word on a page and getting their mouths ready to read the first sound, and then touching every word as they read a whole sentence. We practiced retelling the details of a book in the correct sequence this week, and we will do more of that.

Wellness: We had a powerful All School Meeting this week when we learned about one of our 8th grade friends who is struggling with Tourette’s Syndrome. Maggie is her name, and she was able to stand up in front of the whole school and explain why it is impossible for her to control her body and her words sometimes. She is undergoing therapy to work through this syndrome. Maggie is an incredibly brave and strong person. The Ks can feel free to ask her questions about what she’s going through. Please talk to your child about this, and if you have questions, please ask!  

We launched our project for the Family Visitor Center in Glenwood this week! Please have your child bring in items to fill our boxes in the Central Area. We are collecting toys, books, mittens & gloves, and toiletries. We will bag up items on Dec. 11 and take to the center in Glenwood on Dec. 12. Read more about that below.

A few Ks were able to present How To books at All School Meeting this week. Brave kiddos!

Math: In math we began Unit 4, which is all about collecting, counting, and measuring. This week’s homework is a game called “Double Compare.” This is a fun way to practice counting up, when we start counting from a number larger than one. Counting up is a precursor to addition. Please read the game directions carefully when you start to play the game.

Homework: Reading books, handwriting letter g, ABC book letter J; math game Double Compare, handwriting number 5

Gratitude:Thank you Jimmy, Dave, and Nikita for bringing in snacks this week. Thank you Molly and Lisa K. for taking the time to help us learn to cross country ski. Thank you Lisa for helping us all day on Friday. Thank you Annie for being strong and getting better!

General Info: If Ks would like to bring in a sled to have at recess, they are welcome to do that. Please make sure a name is on the sled.

We wish Annie the BEST with her upcoming surgery!!!!

Upcoming Dates:

  •  Orrin Snack King next week!
  • Weds., Dec. 5 – Beaver Day at Stranahan Ranch! – Chris Faison has offered to drive the bus to take us up the road to the old ranch to look for signs of beaver, and we may see a real beaver! Jill Steindler is going to help out. There will be refreshments for the Ks inside the house, and a story or two! Full snow clothes will be worn!
  • Tues., Dec. 11 – Packing of the bags for the Family Visitor Center – stay tuned for a time and please let me know if you’d like to come in and help that day.
  • Weds., Dec. 12 – Delivering bags to Family Visitor Center in Glenwood – time TBD – if you are interested in helping, please contact Anita Rayburn at
  • Weds., Dec. 12 5:00-6:30pmK-4 Winter Festival

       *Start time has changed, please note.


       5-5:30 – families enjoy refreshments in the Central Area, then go to learning centers to enjoy student work

       5:30-5:45 – Refreshment put away

       5:45 – Music begins!

  • Fri., Dec. 14 – K-4 Assessment Day – NO SCHOOL for K-4. I will share with you a Google Doc next week in order to sign up for a time slot to come in for your student’s reading and or math assessment.
  • Fri., Dec. 21 – Teacher Workday – HOLIDAY BREAK begins for students!
  • Mon., Jan. 7 – Teacher Workday
  • Tues., Jan. 8 – First day back for students in 2019!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Margaret and Heather

Closing shot