CTB and More Important Upcoming Events

Belly-Sliding Perseverance- steady persistence in a course of action in spite of obstacles or lack of materials.

Happy February 

Celebrate the Beat Performance:  

  • When: Tuesday, February 6th.  Please plan to arrive at school as close to 5:00 p.m. as possible.  Students will come to the classroom to change into dancing sneakers, CTB t-shirts, and shake off some nerves together before venturing down to the gym for pre-show warm-ups.  Parents will gather in the central area for some light refreshments, conversation, and important updates from Cowboy Jim.
  • What to wear:  Dancing attire, of course!  Rubber-soled sneakers and comfortable pants or leggings are perfect.  Parents can wear whatever suits them.
  • After the show, please pick-up your dancer from the classroom.

Colorado Council of the Independent Reading Association (CCIRA) Conference:

  • When: Thursday, February 7- Saturday, February 9th.  
  • What this means for you:  The building will be filled with brave substitute teachers!  Chris Faison and Lisen Gustavson, both experienced educators and wonderful people, will spend the day with our 1-2 kids.  Kristina, Casey, and Katie, are thrilled to attend this incredible conference in Denver together.  It’s vital to our program that we stay current on research-based literacy instruction and practices that promote lifelong habits in literacy for our students.  We are so grateful for this professional development opportunity and the support we receive from parents and adminstrators at ACS to be our bests.  Thank you!
  • Friday, February 8th- NO SCHOOL for kids, professional development day for teachers.

Valentine’s Day

  • When:  Wednesday, February 14th. 
  • How it works in the 1-2 classroom:  We ask kids to make a valentine for each member of our classroom community (yep, all 31 kids).  Throughout the morning, kids deliver the valentines into special bags marked with a name. By late morning, we’ll be ready to gather for a shared valentine bag opening.  In the afternoon, we’ll keep our schedule of enjoying guest readers.  If you’d like to make a special somewhat healthy treat to share, please let us know.
  • Class lists will appear in your email on Monday- promise!


  • When: Saturday, February 18th from 3-7:00 p.m.
  • Shh…New this year:  First and Second graders from ACS and CCS are hosting a craft booth together.  We haven’t shared this information with the kids yet but will begin to make preparations next week.  We’d like to engage the kids as much as possible, using this as an opportunity for them to practice agency and leadership for a cause we all believe in- our schools!  We’ll need some parent help as well help from the kids to operate our booth.  *Please watch for a sign-up sheet to appear in your email on Monday.
Creative focus
Measuring a Perch


That’s all for now.  We can’t wait to see everyone shake their stuff on Tuesday Night.


-Casey, Kristina, and Katie