Dancing and Exploring


Highlights: On Tuesday morning the entire school watched and then took turns dancing with a dance troupe that featured traditional music and dance from Ghana. On Thursday, the Ks spent the morning at ACES at Hallam Lake learning about animals in the fall with a focus on beaver and the changing landscape. 

Language Arts: Besides reading in small groups, the Ks listened and responded to a few Halloween stories such as Where’s My Mummy?, In a Haunted House, and The Skeleton’s Hiccups. They practiced reading the words on The Great Cookie Chase game board and pointing to each word to Five Little Pumpkins.  

Math: The Ks learned new math games such as Roll and Record and Build It.  They took turns estimating the weight and then weighing a small, medium, and large pumpkin. The Ks continued working on their counting books.

Wellness: On Wednesday morning, a small groups of Ks began making a song book about kindness with Veronica.  The Ks heard and learned to sing a song about kindness. Then they figured out who could draw a picture of one of the lines of the song. Afterwards, they copied the specific song lines down. Another group of Ks will have a chance to learn the song this week.  

Gratitude: Thank you, Tanim and Aminah for the delicious snacks. Thank you Ali and Mike for supporting the Ks at Hallam Lake. Thank you Amy for helping the Ks in a myriad of ways on Friday.  

Notes: This Parent/Teacher conference is for you to hear how your child is doing, to ask questions, and to review and if need be, add or modify goals. For this conference, please make arrangements to keep your child at home or at a friend’s house. Your child will participate in the spring conference.

Homework: Set aside time your child can read to you and play The Great Cookie Chase game. Challenge your child to read the various boxes he/she or a family member lands on.

Upcoming Dates: Monday, October 23 Elise is snack queen. 10/26 & 10/27 Fall Break- 10/31 Halloween celebration at school, more info coming soon 11/1- teacher workday No School 11/1 & 11/2 Parent/ Teacher Conferences-No School  

Volunteer Support: Wednesday, 10/25 10:15-11:15 Support Hilary and some of the Ks with a paper skeleton project. The Ks will need help: tracing themselves on paper, cutting out paper templates of bones, and applying the bones to their traced bodies.

Have a lovely day, 

Annie and Margaret