Debate Season

Students have been reading and responding to a variety of non-fiction texts relating to their thematic units. Now that they’ve been immersed in the content, are practiced in identifying main ideas, supporting details, and meaningful quotes, and are looking at web-based resources with a critical eye, it is time to present their skills in a public forum.

7th grade students will present an Internet Safety and Productivity Fair next Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 10:00. Parents are welcome to attend along with the 5th, 6th, and 8th graders. Each student will present a 5-minute informative and persuasive argument about a topic relating to internet use. Topics will include: How online exposure and affects the brain, Issues relating to cyberbullying, Issues relating to trolling, Safety advice: location and privacy, Understanding inappropriate content and self-control, Internet’s affects on human contact and relationships, Fake identities and the disinhibition effect, Opportunities and creative outlets provided by internet, and How to approach internet use with parents. Students will share a paper they’ve written, a slide show, their personal Online Constitution, and the creative work they’ve prepared on their website.

8th grade students will engage in a debate process responding to the question, Do government assistance programs provide opportunities to eliminate poverty, or do they only increase dependency? Students will have the weekend to find information, and think about which stance they want to argue for, then will have a week to research with a team of students, and will engage in organized debates on the subject starting Jan. 30. 8th grade parents, please engage in these discussions with your students at home so that they can benefit from your support during their preparations.