Excitement building for School Play!


Quote of the Week:  Chosen by Jax ~ “Everyone deserves a standing ovation at least once in his/her life.”  from the book Wonder

What’s Happenin’

Today’s field trip –

What a treat to go see Aspen High’s production of Cinderella as a whole school this afternoon.  I think we are all especially excited now to start the play process for our school, which will be a mix of fairy tales!  It is coming up quick ~ play tryouts will be the Friday after Spring Break (April 6th). Students – start planning your performance!!  You might have a favorite poem, song, or skit that you could practice and perform. Then, the second week in April we will start to learn our roles, lines, and songs!  

Science –

This week we learned about the three rock types and how they change over time through the rock cycle.  We chose some key words to help us remember the difference between the three rock types and applied those into motions for an activity.  You might ask your child to show you how they remember sedimentary (layers), igneous (magma, volcanic), and metamorphic (change with pressure and heat).  You might also ask them what their transitions were through the rock cycle activity!

Conferences –

If you haven’t yet, please sign up for a student-led conference on March 22nd or 23rd. Kids are preparing their portfolios of work and reflecting on their growth. Soon they will practice how they will lead a conference. This is a big moment for your kids and a special time together. The parents role is to observe growth through your child’s eyes.  Sign up here- Spring Conference Sign-Up  If you have any questions after the conference that would be better to talk about without your child present please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Upcoming Dates


  • March 20:  3-4 El Tioga to support Canyonlands
  • March 22 & 23: Student-led conferences
  • March 26 – April 2: Spring Break!
  • May 15-18:  Spring Outdoor Ed trip to Canyonlands


With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Kit and family, for providing nutritious, delicious snacks for our class this week.
  • Thank you, Jodie, for organizing our El Tioga for next Tuesday!!


  • Next week’s snack person is:  Eli
  • Eli, we will miss you and wish you an amazing a couple months finishing the school year in Spain!
  • Please search for any books that can be returned to the classroom.
  • There is no weekly Homework packet this week; however, we have sent home an assignment to complete a poster for their reading research clubs.  This can be turned in before Spring Break or after, depending on when time is best available. Here is a link to the poster instructions ~ click here.  Nightly reading and logging continues to be an expectation.

Student Class News: From Greyson and Max

Spring break is next week. We started are reserch club. There is an Eltegoa on friday 5$. Book club books need to be returned. On friday we are going to a play called cinderella.