Fabulous Fall

Highlights: Spending Thursday at Rock Bottom Ranch was delightful. If you haven’t heard about this wonderful field trip, consider  asking your child how many-colored radishes he/she  found, whether the various colored radishes tasted the same or not, what vegetables were in the greenhouse, why the goats and burros are in the same corral as the cows and sheep, and what was his/her favorite part of the trip.

Upon returning to school from our awesome field trip, Itzhak Vardy the charming grandfather of first grader Bija  taught the class about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.  The Ks were invited to hike up to the pond to toss unpleasant thoughts away. They took turns throwing a piece of bread, which represented their thoughts, into the pond. Afterwards, they were asked to close their eyes and think of a wish for themselves and then for somebody else. As they thought, Bija, his father Eden, and Jim played shofars. 

Language Arts: Reading: After singing and doing the hand motions to The Five Little Pumpkins, the Ks read the lyrics and made illustrations that matched various parts of the text. Afterwards they searched the text for sight words ‘and’ and ‘the’. In small groups, they learned to read new books. Writing: During writing workshop, the Ks continued working on their informative stories. They learned to look over their work to see if they could add detail to the illustrations and their writing. To increase their ability to write their text independently, we continued practicing the technique of stretching out sounds and writing the beginning, middle, and last sound in their words.

Math: The Ks continued working on their counting books. They played Pumpkin Patch a counting game. It was sent home in the Friday folder so he/she could play the game with family and friends.

Wellness: The Ks listened to a story and responded to a story about friendship.

Gratitude:Thank you Drew and Caroline for the delicious snacks. Thank you Craig and Nevo for telling the Ks about your visit to Alcatraz.  Thank you Xander for helping the Ks frame their watercolor painting. Thank you Vanessa for spending Friday morning with us. Thank you all for sending in water bottles, visor hats, and a picnic lunches for our field trip. Please do the same for the upcoming field trip to ACES next Thursday.

Notes: Due to muddy soil and our field trip, we didn’t get into the garden. Hopefully we will this week.  Please be sure your child wears clothes that can get dirty.

If you haven’t, please sign up  with Cindy for a half hour Parent /Teacher conference. The focus of this conference is for you to hear how your child is doing, to ask questions, and to review and if need be, add or modify goals. In the past we have had the kids attend the conference. However, we have found that it was difficult to have candid conversations when the kids were in the room. For this conference, please make arrangements to keep your child at home or at a friend’s house. 

Homework: Set aside time your child can read to you and play ABC Letter/ Sound Bingo and Pumpkin Patch. Take out the L page. Ask your child how he/she made it. Send it back and we’ll put it in his/her portfolio.

Upcoming Dates: Monday, October 10/16, Tanin is snack king. 10/ 19 5:30 Coffee House 10/21- Ski Swap at The Aspen Middle School- 10/26 & 10/27 Fall Break- 10/31 Halloween celebration at school, stay tuned for more information- 11/1- teacher workday No School 11/1 & 11/2 Parent/ Teacher Conferences-No School  

Volunteer Support: We’d love help hanging the Ks’ artwork and an ABC Chart. The ideal time would be at 10:15 Monday or Tuesday or after school on Monday or Thursday. We’d appreciate help weeding the garden and protecting the wood that covers the garden beds. Let us know when you could help and we’ll show you what to do. If the weekend is the only time, let Annie know. She’ll meet you at the garden.

We look forward to seeing your wonderful children on Monday.

Soak in the fall, 

Annie and Margaret