Fascinating Events

Highlights: Did you hear about the two fireman that talked about wildfires and gave the Ks a chance to climb through the cab? Did you hear about a presentation about sorting trash and compost? Did you hear how the Ks made special birthday cards for Cindy and  invited her into the classroom for a surprise celebration? If not, ask your child.

Language Arts: During reading workshop, the Ks played sound and letter/sound games. Some are learning to listen and count the sounds in a word. Some are learning the letter sound names. Others are learning to blend sounds to make words.

As they did with the story, Dan the Flying Man, the Ks are learning to preview a book by taking ‘a picture walk’  before attempting to read the words. They are learning to find connections to the story. The Ks are learning to point to each word as they read. When they come across an unfamiliar word they are learning to look at the picture for a clue and to say the first sound of the word.  

Math: The K mathematicians continued using their counting skills to count the number of seconds for everyone to get to circle. The Ks were introduced to ‘counting pouches.’ They learned how to make an equivalent amount of objects they found in a counting pouch. They are learning to record their findings by drawing the equivalent amount and writing the number and the numerical word. They expanded their calendar routine by figuring how many kids were present and absent each day. The Ks began to learn a funny songs about forming the numbers 1-10.  They practiced writing the numbers 1-10 in the air and then they traced over 1-10 on their calendar.

Wellness: In conjunction with looking at character traits in reading, and making soup next week for The El Tioga Garden Harvest, the Ks listened to one version of the classic story, Stone Soup. They noticed that the main character was initially unkind. We will continue looking at other versions of the story and see what we discover about kindness, curiosity, and fear.

In addition, the Ks focused on health and nutrition. During snack and lunch we talked about what makes sense to eat and why.

Gratitude:Thank you Cece and Kathy for the tasty snacks. Thank you Emira for organizing and cleaning the utensils and dishes on Friday.

Notes: Hopefully you saw the El Tioga Garden Harvest flyer Cindy sent out on Friday. If you didn’t get a flyer, please contact Cindy. If you have any questions about this wonderful event, please contact Annie.

Thank you for volunteering to make soup for 20 in a crockpot-Amy, salad for 15-Yosefa & Galen, bread for 15-Meghan. Apple crisp for 15-Christine.  All the donated food needs to be at school by 9:00AM on 9/28. The soups and chili need to come to school already heated up in a crock-pot. To support everyone’s dietary needs, please make a label with the name of the item and the ingredients. (Zucchini Bread: whole-wheat flour, sugar, eggs, safflower oil, no nuts)

Thank you Yosefa, Zander, Emira, and Aminah for offering to serve and cleanup. Weather permitting, lunch will be served on the patio area outside the art room.  On 9/28, arrive by 11:00 at the latest and leave around 2:00.

Notes: Homework: Complete the September calendar by tracing over the numbers and filling in the letters on the September calendar.

Upcoming Dates: Monday, September 25, Ava Marie is snack queen.

Thursday, September 28- All School Garden Harvest El Tioga- See Notes and check out the flyer

Friday, September 29th: No school, Teacher Workday

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Have a cozy weekend,

Annie and Margaret