First Week in kindergarten

Highlights:The first week of school was filled with positive experiences. Here are some of the highlights. After hearing the parents read The Kissing Hand,  the Ks decorated their traced paper hands and made special cards that were sent home on Friday. The Monks from the Gaden Shartse Phukhang Monastery taught the Ks how to make a sand mandala. They are now hanging in the central area. Parent and ceramicist, Sarah Hopkins taught the Ks how to make a ceramic pot. 

Language Arts: We focused on the various ways to read a book such as reading the pictures, retelling a familiar story, and reading the words. The Ks are comfortable looking at books. They listened and responded to classic stories such as The Little Engine That Could, The Gingerbread Man, Hansel and Gretel, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. They learned how to turn and talk to a friend about a story. Afterwards they thought about which retell book they would like to have in their book box and choose a book.

Math:The Ks began to learn the calendar routine and explored various math manipulatives, such as pattern blocks, unfix cubes, and geo boards.

Wellness: This week the focus was on kindness and taking deep breaths to stay calm.

Gratitude:Thank you all for lingering in the morning and helping your child settle in. Thank you Meghan for volunteering to be the K class rep. Thank you Nevo and Yosefa for the snacks. Thank you Rowan and Allie for sending in cupcakes for Rowan’s sixth birthday. Thank you Zoe and Kimberly for a box of Pipsqueak markers.


Upcoming Dates: Monday, September 11- Gray is snack king for the week.

Tuesday, September 12-Field trip to Aspen TREE ( See more info in Notes)

Wednesday, September 13- K-4 Back to 13th K-4 Back to School Night for parents only

Thursday, September 28- All School El Tioga Garden Fest- more info will be shared at back to school night

Friday, September 29- No school, Teacher Workday


Volunteer Support: Please let Annie know if you’d could help.

9/12 Aspen TREE Field trip 10:00-1:00 2 volunteers 

Any Friday- Assist in the classroom morning, afternoon, or all day. Margaret mainly works 4 days a week. She is not here on Fridays.  

Notes: Did your child tell you that he/she can bring in a toy on Friday? The understanding is that the toy can be shared, that isn’t fragile, and that it can fit in a backpack or canvas shopping bag. The toy can come out at recess and at choice time, which is at the end of the day.

On Fridays, we will send home your child’s school water bottle so it can be cleaned and returned on Monday.

For the field trip to Aspen TREE, be sure your child has comfortable rugged clothes, closed toe shoes, a picnic snack and lunch, and appropriate outer gear in case the weather changes.

I will post photos of your amazing kids once I get the okay from Cindy.

Have a lovely weekend,

Annie and Margaret