First week of school? CHECK!

 Happy Friday, everyone! 

Wowzas, what an incredible first week of school we’ve just enjoyed with your first and second graders. Routines are becoming more habitual, friendships are being forged and celebrated, and the inquiry that’s flowing through our classroom air is tangible!

Here is a more specific look into your first or second grader’s week…


  • Your first grade readers are developing habits for reading long and strong!  They have learned that first grade readers take a sneak peek before they read to get their minds revved up, then they read, and finally…once they finish the book, they do SOMETHING at the end of the book.  Independent reading stamina is up to 12 minutes and supportive reading partnerships are developing.  Be sure to check out the new reading log they are bringing home in their homework folders today.  Prepare to say, “Wow!”
  • Your second grade readers are growing like beanstalks! They have learned that second grade readers decide how a book is going to be read, partake in excellent sneak peeks at new books to make such important decisions, and set goals in order to read more and MORE. Independent reading stamina is up to 17 minutes, and all readers are excited to be exploring the books in our new(ish) second grade library.


  • Your first grade writers are diving into writing small moment stories with independence. We are learning that our lives are full of stories. Events like a bloody nose, a missing cat, a trip down a waterslide, or picking up a grandparent from the airport make for excellent material to grow a story.  This group of writers are beginning to fill their folders with personal narratives. Look out! Your weekend adventure may become Tuesday’s story.
  • Your second grade writers are collecting “small moments” in their Writer’s Notebooks. These ideas and memories of things that happened to them, places they’ve been, and things they’ve done will serve as inspiration for their future personal narrative stories. There is an element of discernment that is necessary for this process, however – not every memory deserves to be grown into a full story! If you ever want to support your kiddo’s writing at home, then co-creating additional lists of these juicy and worthy ideas would be awesome. When writers feel fully armed with multiple writing ideas, then they are more comfortable jumping right into their work.


  • Your first grade mathematicians are counting sets of up to 30 objects, exploring math manipulatives, and developing a language to compare objects by attributes (think color, size, and shape). More information about this first unit in math can be found in this week’s homework folder.
  • Your second grade mathematicians are counting sets of up to 50 objects, finding combinations of shapes that fill a region, developing vocabulary to name and describe 2-D shapes, and establishing the use of tools, routines, and expectations for math class.


  • Through the fabulous story, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, all first and second graders remembered the importance and the purpose of the Breathing Tool, the Quiet Safe Place Tool, and the Apology And Forgiveness Tool. We use these (and other!) tools throughout our days at school (and at home!) when emotions get heated and self-regulation is key. We will continue to draw knowledge and support from the entire Toolbox as we navigate this school year.


  • All of the work that your first and second graders did this summer in their Summer Notebook was acknowledged at this morning’s All School Meeting. How great to see so many students standing up to be recognized for their reading, their writing, and their math! We went through each student’s notebook to let them all know how many tickets to the book fair they’ve earned (or if they’ve earned a Golden Ticket!). Students who feel like they could do a little more work over the long weekend to earn another ticket or to snag that Golden Ticket are bringing their notebooks home in their backpacks today. No big pressure – this additional work is fully self-motivated by each individual student. Notebooks can come back to school on Tuesday for a final check before Wednesday’s book fair.
  • Homework is starting today! Our homework folders and book bags go home on Friday afternoons and are due back in the classroom on the following Wednesday. Your first or second grader is coming home today with a black fabric book bag, which contains a red homework folder and some books. Their job is to read and record their books that they read each day, and to return the book bag and the folder to school on Wednesday.


  • Monday, September 3rd – No school, Labor Day.
  • Wednesday, September 5th – Our book fair to celebrate all summer work.
  • Thursday, September 13th – Our K-4 Back to School Night. Stay tuned for more information!

That’s our news from the 1-2 classroom! As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions at any time – we’re here. Enjoy your long weekend, and we look forward to seeing you and/or your sweet child back in school on Tuesday morning.

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie