Garden Harvest


Highlights: The All School Garden Harvest El Tioga was a wonderful, positive event. Many parents from the different classes helped. Thank you Amy for soup, Yosefa & Galen for salad, Megan for bread,and Christine for apple crisp. The food was mainly homemade and tasty. Super thanks to Zander, Yosefa, Emira, and Aminah. They not only set out the food, they served it, and cleaned up every dish and utensil. We made $800.00 for the Literacy Lifeboat Project sponsored by the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. 

Musician, educator, artist, guitarist and storyteller singer Spencer Bohren delighted the Ks with songs. They happily learned to sing along with him. To learn more about him, go his website 

Language Arts: During reading workshop, they Ks learned to read predictable books. After reading a page, the Ks were challenged to find specific words in the text. Other times they had to find a specific word by the initial sound. They also worked on the Bb page for their ABC book. They looked at various ABC books to get ideas for their page.

During writing workshop, the Ks wrote about what they did over the weekend. They are learning how to spell words on their own by  stretching out the sounds they hear in a word. In addition, the Ks made beautiful informative labels for posters and for the food tables for the Harvest El Tioga. They took their poster as a reference and reminder of the event to the 5th-8th grade and the 1st & 2nd grade.

Math: The Ks used their counting skills to count the amount of potatoes, carrots, peppers, and squash for Stone Soup. The Ks practiced counting by 10s and 5s to 100. They are learning to identify numbers 1-20 in random order. The Ks were introduced to a game called Button Match up where they took turns matching buttons by a specific attribute such as size, shape, color,and the number of holes in a button.

Wellness: The Ks took turns cutting up vegetables for Stone Soup. They listened to and responded to a story about friendship called Little Beaver’s Echo. 

Gratitude: Thank you Ava Marie and Amy for the delicious snacks. Thank you Amy for helping the Ks make stone Soup. Thank you all for supporting The Garden Harvest El Tioga. 

Upcoming Dates: 10/2 Noah is snack king., 10/4 3/4 EL Tioga,  10/5 Re-Scheduled Picture Day, 10/6 All School Barbecue,  10/26 & 27 Fall Break

Announcements: Now that we have everyone’s permission to put photos on the website, we will add photos that we took over the first 22 days of school to our blogs. 

Since the Ks are a tad more comfortable about how they are getting home, we want everyone to be dismissed at the same time. One of us will take the Ks to the buses. The other will bring all the kids who are going home in cars to the rock outside of school in fair weather and in inclement weather to the log in the hall. 

Homework: Support your child by listening to him/her read his/her books. As we did, ask your child to find a particular word on a page and or, find a word that begins with a particular sound. Help your child figure out 3-4 words that begin with the Ff sound that he/she could draw on his/her Ff page. If need be, help your child with the number dot to dot.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. 

Enjoy the fall colors,

Annie and Margaret