Getting Back Into the Swing of Things!

Happy Friday, everyone!

We are attempting to going to get back into our regularly-scheduled weekly update blog habit. Thanks for your patience over the past few weeks. The time just flew right by!


  • We finished our whole-class read aloud, Beryl: A Pig’s Tale. What a story! Be sure to check in with your first or second grader about this tale of friendship, of hardship, of families, and of inclusion. We highly recommend it!


  • Your first and second grade poets are learning and sharing so much about poetry. Here are just a few examples of what has been happening in Writing Worksop: Poets are sharing big feelings that are anchored by small moments, they are revising their previously written work to check for clear and precise language that paints a true picture for their reader, they are using mentor texts (and songs!) to inspire their own work, they are using line breaks to play with the music of their poems, and they are using repetition and onomatopoeia to add clarity and meaning to their work.
Adding illustrations to another poet’s poem is a thoughtful way to respond to their work.
Using classroom resources to support spelling.
All tucked in and writing away!



  • Saturday, 2/17 – The ACS Hoedown, from 3:00pm – 7:00pm, at Cozy Point Ranch. Thank you for signing up to support our ACS/CCS collaborative bandana booth! We are really looking forward to sharing smiles with you at this fundraiser.
  • Monday, 2/19 – No school. Presidents’ Day Weekend.


  • Tracy Straus, the unforgettable director of CTB, is requesting feedback on your child’s experience. She has an online survey for kids to fill out, and we thought that the easiest way to make this happen for the 1-2s would be to pass the link on to you.
    • Here is the survey:
    • If you could find a time this week to sit down with your first or second grade dancer and go through the survey together, then that would be awesome. Thank you for your help with this feedback and evaluation loop.
  • We know that everyone’s schedules are becoming more hectic as our school year advances. Truth be told, things here are also feeling disjointed. In order to regain a sense of reliability and continuity at school, we are buckling down on expectations and follow-through. The kids are doing a great job getting back on board this accountability train, and you can help us from home by staying on top of All Things School, such as…
    • Appropriate winter gear. Winter is here. Snow boots, snow pants, gloves/mittens, winter hat, and a jacket are necessary.
    • Arriving on time. School starts at 8:00am.
    • Dedicated inside shoes. When we switch out the wet boots after recess, we definitely need to change into dry inside shoes.


  • Thanks to all of you for your behind-the-scenes Valentine’s Day support. We know it takes a lot of hard work to create 31+ notes and/or treats, and we are so appreciative of your efforts. We had a lovely gratitude-filled celebration.
  • Thanks, Kimberly, for being our guest reader (and author!) this week.
  • Thanks, Krysten, for hosting such a fun birthday celebration.
  • Thanks, Mike, for inviting us to celebrate the Chinese New Year with you. We learned so much about dragons, the lunar calendar, and luck and prosperity!

See you tomorrow at the Hoedown!

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie