Highlights: At The All School Meeting the Ks took turns telling about The Gift Giving Project for The Family Visitor Center. They invited the entire school to help bring joy to needy moms and their babies in the valley by sending in specific items and buying a cookie at the cookie sale on this coming Thursday. (Ask your child and or, check last week’s post for the specific items.)

Language Arts:Reading During reading workshop, the Ks listened to and responded to The Circle of Friends and The Quilt Maker’s Gift. In small  groups, they read predictable stories and worked on sounding out nonsense and real consonant, vowel, consonant words.



They happily made signs for the gift giving donation boxes and the cookie sale poster. The Ks continued to work on writing personal narratives. They were given the challenge to make their writing readable by:

  • Stretching out the sounds slowly using a resource and the word wall. 
  • Having a vowel in each word 
  • Writing neatly
  • Putting space between each word 
  • Ending a sentence with a . ? !





Math: The Ks began a geometry unit. After they looked at and touched various shapes, they looked for objects that were a particular shape. For example, they found that the globe, clock, moon, books, balls, and plates, were in the shape of a circle. They rolled out clay into geometric shapes. They created a poster using various shapes to make an object. 

Wellness: This past week the focus was on giving.

Homework: Set aside time your child can create a colorful quilt by coloring the shapes on the quilt page. Have fun helping your child think up words that have the long and short Ii sound that he/she can illustrate. Enjoy hearing your child read his/her books.

Gratitude: Thank you, Luke and Galen for the snacks. Before eating their carrots, the kids enjoyed seeing who had the longest carrot strand. They also enjoyed the homemade doughnuts.  Thank you Christine, Amy, and Christine Tullar for volunteering to make cookies for our sale. Please be sure your cookies are here by 9:00 am on 12/7. Thank you Kimberly, Yosefa, and Kathy  for volunteering to sell the cookies. Thank you Kathy and Maria for volunteering to help the kids fill the bags. Thank you Christine for offering to deliver the bags to The Family Visitor Center.

Upcoming Dates: Thursday 12/7 Cookie Sale 12:25-12:45, Wednesday 12/13 K-4 Winter Festival, Friday 12/15 Fill the Gift Bags, Thursday 12/21-Wednesday 1/3 Winter Break

Volunteer Support: 12/8 A volunteer or 2 volunteers to split the time to help on Friday. (If you are only free part of the time, that would be okay.)  Please let Annie know when you are available.

12/8 1:00- 2:30 Help the Ks try on Cross-country ski boots.

12/18 1:00-2:30 1 volunteer to help bake cookies.

12/19 1:00-2:30 2 volunteers to help the Ks decorate their gingerbread houses.

Think Snow,

Annie and Margaret







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