Happy Thanksgiving Break, everyone!

As we head off on our week long break, we are flooded with gratitude for YOU and all of the work that you do behind the scenes for your children. Thank you for getting your child to school every day. Thank you for the time it takes to pack snack and lunch every day. Thank you for the energy you put towards reading, writing, and math support at home. Thank you for signing up to be fantastic Celebrity Guest Readers every week and introducing super cool new books to our community of readers. Thank you for being a part of ALL of this with us. There’s no way that we could do what we do on an island – we’re all in this together!

Over the next week(ish), here are some things that you could ask your first or second grader…

First Grade:

  • How’s the “Case of the Silent E” going?
  • What goes with 4 to make 6?
  • What does it mean to be a boss of your reading? What does a boss look like?
  • What are you working on in your latest nonfiction writing piece?
  • Let’s start at 12 and count up to 30. How about starting at 74 and counting down to 45?
  • What do these questions mean: Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

Second Grade: 

  • Who’s Gus?
  • How do writing partners use checklists to give feedback to each other?
  • When you’re writing, what happens after you put in a punctuation mark? (You could pretend to hit your fist on the table when you say “punctuation” and see if their finger rebounds up as they say “capital!”)
  • Could you separate this ________ into four equal pieces?
  • Why is it important to scoop up more words as you read?
  • What are “troublemaker words”?

Here’s Some More Information for Everyone:

  • The 20th annual ACS Gift Giving Project has begun! You may have seen an email from Cindy regarding this compassionate event that was traditionally headed up by Annie Teague. Let us know if we can re-forward you that email with all the details. Donations for the Family Visitor Center are due at school (the huge receptacle boxes are right by the front door) by Monday, December 10th.
  • Speaking of incredible community events that bring us all together in the memory of our dear Annie Teague… TEAM ANNIE is heading back up Aspen Mountain on Saturday, December 7th for this year’s Summit For Life. Join our highly motivated and under prepared team, or maybe even consider supporting our fundraising goal by visiting our team page!
  • We read I Just Don’t Like the Sound of NO! this week and we imagined how shocked Moms’ and Dads’ faces would be if, in the instance of receiving a “no” to a request, instead of arguing or trying to bargain with that undesired answer, a first or second grader looked a parent in the eye, took a breath, and simply said… “okay.” Can you imagine?! Shocking! So… be warned, and be on the lookout for a few more “okays” and (maybe???) a little less bargaining.

That’s it from our end. Enjoy your holiday break, enjoy your family, and know that we remain so grateful for your partnership. See you back in the classroom on December 2nd!