Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Highlights: Gung Hay Fat Choy! Thanks to Mike and Kathy Yang, the Ks learned about Chinese New Year. After Mike read and showed the illustrations from a picture book called Chinese New Year, Cece, Kathy and Mike gave every K a bag of red and gold beads to make a bracelet. The red and gold colors stand for good luck, happiness, and prosperity. 

Another highlight was watching the Ks sweetly exchange Valentine cards. There were many ohs and thankful exclamations. 

Language Arts: Reading: Maria, Kathy, and ACS Spanish teacher’s dear friend Tania Clark read excerpts from the Explorers’ club books to the Ks. After they discussed what they heard, the Ks illustrated  and wrote a new fact about their animals.

Writing:The Ks sweetly created a special Valentine card for a family member. They worked hard writing their special message using lowercase letters, beginning their sentence with an uppercase letter, and ending with a punctuation mark.The Valentine Cards  were sent home in the parent’s section of their Friday folders.

Math: The Ks began a unit on 3 Dimensional shapes. After looking at spheres, cubes, cylinders, rectangular prisms, and square prisms, the Ks hunted around the school for objects that had the same shape. They also spent a session making the shapes out of clay.

Homework: Help your child find a fact about his/her animal that he/she can draw and write about on the page in the folder. Enjoy listening to your child read his/her books. After your child reads a book, take a moment to respond to the story. Pick a sentence in one of his/her books. Close the book. Write each word of the sentence on a small scrap of paper. Scramble the pieces of paper. Have your child read each word and lay out the words in order. Have fun. 

Gratitude: Thank you Kathy, Maria, and Tania Clark for reading nonfiction excerpts to some of the Ks. Thank you Naoh and Maria for the snacks. Thank you  Yosefa, Ali, Kimberly, and Maria for the special Valentine snacks. Thank you Ali for volunteering to glue in the completed ABC pages into the ABC books. 

Upcoming Dates: 3/7  Empty Bowls at Buttermilk

 3/9 Author Kat Kronenberg will be at All School Meeting

3/22 & 3/23 Child/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Notes: On Wednesday,2/21 we want to get all the Ks on skis and give them a chance to ski around the school campus. On Thursday, 2/22 we hopefully will be going to The Aspen Golf Course to meet and ski with the Carbondale Community School Kindergarten class. We will find out tomorrow morning if the CCS Ks can join us. Stay tuned for more info.

Our amazing Colorado Celebrate the Beat director, Tracy Strauss  would like your child’s feedback regarding the Celebrate the Beat process. Please take a moment and fill out the survey with your child. The link is

Volunteer Needs: Reading helpers to read and help the Ks learn more about their Explorers’ Club animals on Tuesday 2/20 & Wednesday 2/21 8:00-9:00. A volunteer to help with X-country skiing on Wednesday, 2/21 10:30-12:00. Two Volunteers to assist with X-country skiing on Thursday, 2/22 8:30-1:00. A Friday morning helper 8:00-11:50 on 2/23, 3/2, or 3/16. 


Annie & Margaret