Happy Mother’s Day!

Highlights: The Ks lovingly made beautiful Mother’s Day cards which hopefully you all have received.  (The cards were sent home in your child’s Friday folder.)  On Friday morning the Ks read and showed their cards to a small mixed group of K-8th graders as an example of their writing and drawing.

Notes: Camping: We sent a hard copy of the camping information in your child’s Friday folder as well as an edited version via email on Thursday. If you can, plan on attending a Q & A tomorrow May 14 at 8:00AM.

Costumes: It is customary that the play costumes are saved to be used again. However, Hilary informed us that the dwarfs can keep their top and Snow White can keep her lovely dress. She explained that the dwarf costumes had been hot glued together, so there wasn’t a simple way to clean them and reuse them.  If you are attending the Q & A, please take your child’s costume. We will send the remainder of the costumes home in your child’s backpack.

K Celebration- We‘d like to create a time to come together to celebrate the Ks on Thursday, May 31. Please let us know what time would work for you.  

Upcoming Dates:  May 14-18 End of the Year Assessments & Camp Prep, May 22-24 – K, 1, 2 Outdoor Ed Trip, May 28  Memorial Day, No School, May 31- K Celebration at ACS, June 1st – Last Day of school, June 5th – 8th grade graduation.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Read over your camping packet and sign up to help. 

Gratitude: Thank you Nevo and Yosefa for the snacks this week. The Ks particularly savored the popsicles. Thank you Frank, Yosefa, and Galen for attending the camping Q & A on Friday.

Have a great week,

Annie & Margaret