Happy Snowy Monday!

Hi, everyone!

Last week’s Friday Flash Newsletter is coming your way on this week’s Monday because… well… that’s just the kind of week we had last week! Here’s the synopsis of last week:


  • We are voraciously reading!  We’re practicing reading strategies in shorter picture books as well as longer chapter books.  Reading groups are delving into more complex text as these readers gain confidence and independence.
  • Non-fiction:  To support our recent elk skeleton discovery, we’re building background schema around elk predators, diet, habitat, and adaptations.  Be sure to ask your young reader to share something they know with you.


  • All first and second grade writers are wrapping up their personal narrative writing unit by publishing the story that is the most important to them. Choosing this story out of the volume of stories that they’ve written was no easy task! Writers have brainstormed, planned, written, revised, edited, fancied up, published and recorded their ultimate personal narrative story, and are so super excited to share them with the world.
  • We are celebrating our writing progress tomorrow with an in-house celebration. Each writer has had the opportunity to invite one person from our ACS community (other students, teachers, or adults) to come join our class tomorrow for a celebration. Writers will have the chance to read their published work to an audience and to celebrate the work of their classmates.
  • We know that YOU are also excited to see your child’s published piece. While tomorrow’s celebration is parent-free, here’s how we can support you to support your writer: Each first and second grader will have a turn to read his or her published story to our class at the end of the day. If you can come and hear your writer read his or her story, then come on in! If not, then try and chat with your writer to find a time when you can hear his or her presentation at another time.
    • Wed. 10/11 – Bija reads at 1:30pm
    • Thurs. 10/12 – Adi reads at 2:40pm
    • Fri. 10/13 – Alexander reads at 2:40pm
    • Mon. 10/16 – Caden reads at 2:40pm
    • Tues. 10/17 – Anderson reads at 2:40pm
    • Wed. 10/18 – Coco reads at 1:30pm
    • Thurs. 10/19 – Annaliese reads at 2:40pm
    • Fri. 10/20 – Etai reads at 2:40pm
    • Mon. 10/23 – Cali reads at 2:40pm
    • Tues. 10/24 – Isa reads at 2:40pm
    • Wed. 10/25 – Eva reads at 1:30pm
    • Mon. 10/30 – Levi reads at 2:40pm
    • Tues. 10/31 – Gracie reads at 2:40pm
    • Mon. 11/6 – Lewis reads at 2:40pm
    • Tues. 11/7 – Havens reads at 2:40pm
    • Wed. 11/8 – Lilah reads at 1:30pm
    • Thurs. 11/9 – Hunter reads at 2:40pm
    • Fri. 11/10 – Logan reads at 2:40pm
    • Mon. 11/13 – Keller reads at 2:40pm
    • Tues. 11/14 – Margot reads at 2:40pm
    • Wed. 11/15 – Mara reads at 1:30pm
    • Thurs. 11/16 – Mia reads at 2:40pm
    • Fri. 11/17 – Olivia reads at 2:40pm
    • Mon. 11/27 – Nesta reads at 2:40pm (we’ll be into information writing publications by this time!)
    • Tues. 11/28 – Rory reads at 2:40pm
    • Wed. 11/29 – Noah reads at 1:30pm
    • Thurs. 11/30 – Roxwell reads at 2:40pm
    • Fri. 12/1 – Rusty reads at 2:40pm
    • Mon. 12/4 – Strummer reads at 2:40pm
    • Tues. 12/5 – Ryder reads at 2:40pm
    • Wed. 12/6 – Kayleigh reads at 1:30pm


  • Your first grade mathematicians are visualizing, representing, and solving subtraction story problems.  As we work through increasingly difficult problems, we are practicing using different strategies.  Some student will draw all and then cross out those items that are subtracted.  Other students prefer to use the numberline, counting back until they land on the correct answer.
  • Your second grade mathematicians are collecting, counting, representing, and comparing data, solving problems about 10s and 1s, and solving a comparison stroy problem with the difference unknown. We are also working with coins to collect $0.50. Play around with coins at home – have your second grader count your pocket change!


  • Believe it or not… It’s a normal week this week. Carry on.


  • Thanks to Olivia and her mom for making delicious rice crispy treats!
  • Thanks to Krysten for baking Pumpkin Patch Granola with first and second graders!
  • Thanks to Riley for reading us his favorite kids’ books!
  • Thanks to Alie and Barb for joining us on our field trip!
  • Thanks to everyone who cooked, showed up, and smiled with us during our ACS BBQ! What a treat to get to spend some more time with you and our entire community.











  • Please continue to make sure that your child has a dedicated pair of inside shoes at school. Especially with all of this snow, we are trying to keep our carpets and floor clean and dry. Thanks!
  • First and second graders have been able to visit the Maker Space, so be sure to check in with your kiddo about his or her experience.

That’s our news (from last week)!

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie