Important Wheeler Week information…

Happy weekend, everyone!

Not a huge blog today, but there are a few things that we want to be sure to pass on:

  • Our Jungle Book rehearsals continue to fly by. These actors are doing SUCH a great job – they no longer need their scripts and they are beginning to learn additional choreography and blocking. Next week is our final week of rehearsing at school before we head to the Wheeler Opera House. You should know that our learning center’s schedule for the upcoming week at the Wheeler (April 29 – May 3) is different from other learning centers’ schedule. Transportation options for first and second graders differ than those option for other students, so we want you to be aware! Your first or second grader is coming home with these transportation options in his or her homework folder. Please take some extra time with your family calendar, fill out the transportation form, and return it to Kristina or Casey by next Friday, April 26th. As always, feel free to give us a shout with any questions!
  • We raised $463 with our El Tioga this week! This money will support our May Outdoor Ed trip to John Kelly’s ranch, so THANK YOU for your help. Heidi and Anita, thanks for organizing everything. Sarah, Michael, and Strummer, thanks for the poster. Everyone else, thanks for your food donations and your time donations. We couldn’t pull any of this off without you!
  • Paint nights for the sets are next Monday and Tuesday (4/22 & 4/23). Contact Garry with any questions.
  • Next Thursday (4/25) is the free dental day that is available to 2nd graders. Contact Cindy with any questions.

That’s it from us! Have a lovely weekend.

Love, us