It’s March? Really?!

Watching and helping the 6th graders with their ski jump

Happy Friday, everyone! 

We’ve enjoyed another full and fabulous week with your first and second graders. The sun is shining, the snow is still sleddable (that’s totally a word), and we are flying through our days. Here’s a quick glimpse into our inner workings of the week:


  • We have started our new whole-class read aloud, Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary. This classic novel draws us in with tales from the perspective of a precocious kindergartener. Having the chance to revel in the stories, giggle at the audacity, and then consider advice that we would actually give Ramona has led us into rich conversations. Be sure to check in with your reader about his or her thoughts on Ramona, Miss Binney, Howie, or Willa Jean.
  • We continue to access classroom texts at a deeper level by asking, “What surprised me?” or, “What confused me?” as we read. These simple strategies allow us to question as we read, to more fully engage in the texts, and to discuss our thoughts with our community. Everyone is doing a great job with these questions! Your reader will have another reading log that is based around these questions coming home in the homework folder this afternoon.


  • First and second grade poets have crafted Bio Poems this week. What an intriguing process these poems followed!
Bio Poem template
  • After drafting and writing these poems, first and second graders drew detailed self portraits to accompany their words. The results are stunning, and will be proudly hung in our classroom for a few months. We were able to share a few with the rest of the school at this morning’s All School Meeting, and the pride and joy that went into the creation of these pieces of art were quite evident.


  • Your first grade mathematicians are solving problems with two or more addends unknown, finding and exploring the relationships among combinations of numbers up to 12, finding the total of two or more single-digit quantities (2-5), and continuing to use standard notation (+ and =) to represent addition situations.
  • Your second grade mathematicians are making plans to collect data, collecting that data, organizing that data, representing that data with bar graphs, line plots, or picture graphs, and then analyzing the data set to describe what the data show about the group surveyed.
Using a line plot to represent and analyze collected data


  • With the additional guidance of the Toolbox tools, your children are becoming ever more aware of their choices and their actions, and how they fit into the broader world around them. Please let us know if you see these powerful changes taking place at home – we see them every day at school, and we would love to share stories with you!
  • We read Kathleen Pelley’s book, The Sandal Artist today, and through a thoughtful whole-class discussion, decided that characters in the book used the breathing tool (to pause before reacting), the listening tool (to listen with their eyes and hearts and not just their ears), and the empathy tool (to, quite literally, wear someone else’s shoes for awhile to see the world through their eyes).


  • Wednesday, March 7th: Empty Bowls! See you at Bumps!


  • We had a successful and easy Evacuation Drill on Thursday morning. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about these safety drills that we periodically hold at school.
  • Bueller? Bueller? – – – No response from last week’s call for help re: fitting cross-country ski boots, but… we’re going to keep an eye on the weather and see if we can’t sneak in an on-property outing next week. If there’s snow. If there’s more than, like, four new inches of snow. Okay, okay… if there’s a lot of snow. Fingers crossed.


  • Thank you for continuing to send in both outside boots and inside shoes for your kiddo. The snow is still around (yay for sledding!), and the MUD is also around these days. The ability to switch footwear helps us keep our school clean.
  • Thank you, Julie, for being our guest reader this week! We hope you didn’t lose your hat…

That’s our news from the 1-2 classroom! We hope you have a lovely weekend, and we’ll see you and/or your fabulous child back in the classroom on Monday morning.

– Kristina, Katie, and Di