Just a Little Grimm


Highlights: The play process was amazing and insightful. Thank you all for supporting it.

Notes: Camping We will send out all the camping info this week. We would like to give you an opportunity to ask  questions about the camping trip. We can offer a Q & A right after school on Friday May 11th at 3:00 and or another Q & A on Monday, May 14 at 8:00. Please let us know which day you could attend. Thanks! 
Scholastic Book Club: We will send you information about ordering books this week. 

Upcoming Dates: May 7th – No school- Play Recovery Day, May 8th-12th Assessment Week,  May 14th- 18th Camp Prep, May 22nd- 24th – K, 1, 2 Outdoor Ed Trip, May 28th – No school. Memorial Day, May 30th-K El Tioga, May 31st- K party, June 1st – Last day of school for K-6, June 5th – 8th grade graduation. 

Volunteer Opportunities:  Friday, May11th- Help in the classroom for the morning or afternoon. Read over your camping packet and sign up to help. 

Gratitude: Thank you Drew and Caroline for the snacks. After each performance the Ks were so happy to have something to eat and drink. Thank you Nevo and Yosefa for covering snacks this coming week.  Whether helping with costumes or makeup, supporting the kids backstage, helping your child with his/her lines, or placing an ad in the program, all your  contributions made Just a Little Grimm a resounding success. 


Annie & Margaret