Kind Acts


Highlights: Connecting to our kindness theme, five Ks went to Woody Creek Kid’s, the  preschool on our campus, to help Veronica teach the preschoolers a few songs on Wednesday morning. Addy Shine brought in two books to share  with the class about kindness. After reading the inspiring true story from Africa, Wangari’s Trees of Peace,  we started a conversation about what we could do to take care of our school both inside and outside. 

Language Arts: Reading During reading workshop, the Ks were introduced to a group of “popcorn words”, which pop up frequently in their readers. The words are on a word wall for the Ks to see and use. To be able to read the words automatically, the  Ks began playing Popcorn Bingo, which we will send home next week.  Writing: The Ks worked hard “fancying up” their teaching books. Some created an additional page, others made covers, and some added details to their illustrations. 


In addition the Ks wrote and illustrated their responses to the prompt, “What does it mean to be brave?” Their responses were literal. Their narratives were about challenges they faced such as getting hurt or scared. The Ks read their work at our All School Veteran’s Day Meeting. Look for a copy of your child’s response in his/her Friday Folder.  

Math: The Ks began measuring objects that were longer and shorter than a ten piece connecting cube tower. To reinforce their ability to count accurately and quickly, the Ks played a few new math games such as Grab, Count, and Compare and  Compare. 

Science In celebration of learning about vegetables and harvesting them, the Ks made ceramic baskets in art. The colorful baskets just came out of the kiln. The Ks finished cutting out their paper skeleton bones. Once Suitable for Framing finishes adhering the Ks traced bodies on matte board, they will be able to add their bones. Stay tuned, we’d love help with the next part of the project. 

Wellness: The Ks learned about a new tool called the Quiet, Safe Place that can be used when anyone needs a moment to regroup. The quiet safe, place can be a spot in the classroom as well as a place in a child’s heart and mind that gives a sense of comfort. The Ks wrote and drew pictures about their places. Some of the examples were the following:  my quiet, safe place is my Mommy’s room, my quiet, safe place is under the table, my quiet, safe place is on my bunk bed, and my quiet, safe place is in dream land. 

Gratitude: Thank you, Addy and Christine for the snacks.  Thank you Aminah for helping the Ks on Friday morning. Thank you Caroline for helping out all day on Friday. Thank you Amy, Kathy, and Yosefa for sending in cookies for our Veteran’s El Tioga meal. Thank you Yosefa for helping set out the food for the meal. Thank you all for supporting this kind endeavor. 

Homework: Set aside time for your child to: Read his/her response to the question, “What does it mean to be brave?” Take time to chat about bravery. Read the math directions. Encourage your child to have fun finding and documenting objects that are longer and shorter than his/her colored tongue depressor. Help your child find a book he/she can bring in for news about kindness, gratitude, or bravery. 

Volunteer Support: We need help hanging the Ks’ work up in the class room. To reach the available spots, you’ll need to use our ladder. The ideal time to assist would be after 1:45. However,  if another time is better for you, we can be flexible. Please let us know. We’d like to have a volunteer help out on Friday, 11/17 ideally from 8:00-2:00.  However, if you are only free part of the time, that would be okay. Please let Annie know if you are available. Stay tuned for a call for help with the skeleton project. 

Thanks and cheers, 

Annie and Margaret