Let’s catch up!


Quote of the Week: Chosen by Luke, “What lies behind us, and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Families, sorry for the radio silence on the blog lately. We’ve been just slightly busy. Let’s recap for a moment…

  • Spent a week at the Wheeler Opera House
  • Visited ACES
  • Visited the Pitkin County Library
  • Put on a fantastic play…twice
  • Learned how to build tents
  • Learned how to poop in the backcountry
  • Packed backpacks and did an obstacle course with them on
  • Hosted an Independent Study Museum and taught K-8th graders about individual topics of choice
  • Made progress on math facts challenges
  • Spent a night at a 50 person basecamp in Canyonlands National Park
  • Hiked out to 6 backcountry sites and successfully pulled off 2 days/nights of exploring, camping and living “off the grid.”
  • Played at the Moab Pool
  • Worked towards the art pack challenge!
  • Completed end of year reading assessments
  • Cleaned the tents
  • Created and painted Ted Harrison inspired artwork that reflects the Canyonlands experience
  • Wrote personal narratives about a moment on our Canyonlands trip
  • Reflected about the trip and wrote poetry
  • Began literature book clubs
  • About to finish our class read aloud, Tal
  • Anddddd so much more…     whew!

Here is what is still to come…

  • Relax on Memorial Day
  • Write letters to the incoming 2nd graders and the 5th grade teachers
  • Move-Up day, meet new teachers and welcome new classmates
  • Clean the forts
  • Learn about Summer Homework…Did someone say ACS BOOK FAIR?!?
  • Picnic outside and finish our class read aloud
  • Finish book clubs
  • Empty out cubbies, bins, folders and take it all home
  • Clean!
  • Watch our year-end slideshow
  • Read Oh! The Places You’ll Go (and try not to cry)
  • Express gratitude (And probably cry. Tears of joy, of course)

Upcoming Dates


  • 5/28 No School, Memorial Day
  • 6/1 Last Day of School


With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Sadie and family, for providing nutritious, delicious snacks for our class this week.
  • Canyonlands Volunteers… THANK YOU for all of the love, time, and sweat.


  • Next week’s snack person is:  Natalee
  • Please have kids bring a reusable shopping bag to school by Wednesday. They will be bringing stuff home on Thursday and will need an extra bag.
  • Girls on The Run is coming to ACS next Fall! More info at gotrwesterncolorado.org
  • Summer Homework information coming in next week’s blog