Links to Health Unit Articles

Feel free to read the following articles which we are referencing in our health class.

The Teen-age Brain: Explanation of changes in the brain during adolescence. We read and discussed this article in class.

Adolescent Learner: Scroll down towards the bottom of the article for a list of characteristics common to teen physical, intellectual, and emotional characteristics. We didn’t read this article in class, but I find it very helpful in trying to understand that many teen behaviors which seem misguided, inefficient, or ineffective, are in fact quite predictable for their age.

Understanding Emotions: A brief video explaining the brain, emotions, and the valuing of taking a moment to calm down before reacting.

Healthy Friendships: This article describes 11 qualities of genuine friendships. We are talking this week about qualities to look for in healthy friendships, and the balancing act of managing 1) Social Acceptance, 2) Embracing Uniqueness, and 3) Doing What is Right.