Making stars, ODE prep, Seeds are growing!

Making stars, ODE prep, Seeds are growing!

Highlights: This week we started getting ready for our ODE trip. The vegetable seeds that we planted as starters for the garden are growing, and reading assessments are coming out incredibly! Ks worked on making starts with Sarah Hopkins in art this week. This was a skill that Annie always felt was important for Ks to master in order to help with their spacial skills.

Literacy: Ks are jamming on end of year assessments! Keep up the great reading at home, it makes a HUGE difference. We also wrote book reviews as part of our Persuasive/Opinion writing unit.

Wellness: We have been telling social stories that have to do with outdoor ed. Casey focused on those stories when she worked with us on Weds. as well. So far we have talked about tent rules – no shoes, neatness and awareness of living with others; and being patient at the food line; and being flexible when asked to put on warm clothes at the end of the evening.

Math: Darcy, our math interventionist, has been coming in for two weeks so that we can have centers during math. This is so much fun for the Ks, and it is adding richness to our math program. I am able to follow the curriculum that is in the book, Darcy is able to stretch their skills, review, and work on fluency with activities that she has prepared, and Heather helps with general follow up to learn the curriculum. They are really doing well! We have created the math block that I always dreamed of having. If you see Darcy, please thank her.  

Science: Seeds are growing and we are recording the growth! Ks are learning why it is important to start the plants inside before planting them in the garden. We have news from Lisa K., and the 6th graders that Oreo is thriving at Aspen Tree.

Homework: Reading books (the more you read these books at home with a parent, the more fluently your kiddos will read!), math story problem and add/subtract froggy sheet

Gratitude: Thank you Arthur and Jenny for the beautiful snacks! Thank you Darcy for helping create a math workshop! Thank you parents for signing up to help with our ODE trip. It’s going to be fantastic for the kids thanks to all of you!

General Information: Please bring in your ODE packet if you haven’t already done so.

Upcoming Dates:

Snack King will be Orrin for the week of May 20! (only Mon/Tues)

  • Weds., May 22-Fri., May 24 – K, 1, 2 Outdoor Ed.!
  • Mon., May 27 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL!
  • Weds., May 29 – All School Read In!
  • Fri., May 31 – Last Day of School K-6!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Margaret and Heather