Many Highlights

Highlights:  Wasn’t it delightful watching the Ks perform at The Winter Festival? The Ks worked hard and practiced often.  Jim came in the next day and thanked them and reinforced the point that practice makes a difference. 

On Thursday, Craig Platt read a Chanukkah story to the Ks.  Nevo and Gray sang the letters of the  Hebrew alphabet. In the afternoon, Dalia and Itzhak Vardy talked about the origin of Chanukkah. To the delight of all, they gave each child a little pouch with a dreidel and chocolate coins, latkes, and chocolate doughnuts. Since their grandson is now in first grade, we were touched by their kindness to spend half an hour with us before going over to the first/second grade classroom. 

On Friday morning, with the help from kids mainly from the 1- 5th grade, the Ks filled 85 gift bags in twenty minutes. Afterwards, they said that they felt good creating the gift bags for the needy Moms and their babies in the valley.

Shortly after they were finished  Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived. In the afternoon, the 7/8th graders invited the Ks over to decorate a cookie, make cards, hear stories, and listen to the Ks read one of their personal narratives. 

Language Arts:Reading: In small groups, they continued to read predictable stories. Before reading their books, the Ks looked at the pictures to help give them a sense of what the story was about.  They worked on using their skills to sound and write consonant, vowel, consonant words.

Writing: Knowing that they were going to read their stories to various people, the Ks checked their writing to be sure they could read all their words and then practiced reading their stories smoothly. Then the Ks “fancied up” their stories by adding color to their illustrations. 

Math: The Ks continued to learn about shapes. Using cut out geometric shapes,  they continued to incorporate them into pictures. Ask your child to describe a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, and a hexagon.

Homework: Even if you child hasn’t completed all his/her work, please send the your child’s folder back on Tuesday with everything in it.   

Notes: To  all of you who responded to our Gingerbread house email, thank you. Chances are slim that we’ll make them in school. Annie would be happy to make Gingerbread houses with the Ks on Wednesday, if:

  • 2-3 people can help make, the Graham cracker house frames ahead of time
  • 2-3 people could help Wednesday morning. (Annie is solo this Wednesday)
  • Please contact Annie, if you want to help

Otherwise, the plan is the following: On Monday Zander Tekus will help the Ks bake cookies for the Ks to give to various classes and people such as Chris, Fred, Jim,  Cindy, Hilary, Veronica, and Heather.  On Tuesday afternoon, the Ks will make cards, package the cookies, and deliver them. On Wednesday, the Ks will have a special time for building houses with blocks and Legos.

Gratitude: Thank you, Louisa, John-Mark, and Vanessa for the snacks. The Ks especially enjoyed the homemade bread, pumpkin, and banana bread.  Thank you Craig, Dalia, and Itzak for informing us about Chanukkah. 

Upcoming Dates: Monday 12/14 Field Trip 11:00-1:00- Be sure your child has warm outdoor gear and a picnic lunch. Thursday 12/21-Wednesday 1/3 Winter Break

Volunteer Support: 12/18 10:45-1:00 1-2 volunteers for the rescheduled field trip to a ranch near school to see what the beaver have done. Please be sure your child has warm layers, boots, a water bottle with water, and a picnic lunch.

12/20 8:00-1:40 or any part of the time, help in the class

Hope for snow,

Annie & Margaret