Next Week: Week at the Wheeler!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  • Thank you so much for filling out and returning the transportation forms. We have an idea of most everyone’s plan, which helps us get all students where they need to be each day.
  • If things change, then please let us know!!! Casey and I will both have our phones on us at the Wheeler and at school. You can email, pass a message through Cindy, or shoot us a text. If you don’t have our numbers, then let us know. We’re not going to publish them on this public blog page.
  • Kids should be prepared with backpacks containing snack, lunch, water bottle, extra coat, a book or two, any any other quiet activity that they could enjoy on the bus.
  • If anyone would like to volunteer to provide an easy snack for our class on Thursday morning, then please let us know.
  • If anyone could provide an easy-to-clean snack for backstage on Thursday and Friday nights, then also please let us know. Thanks so much!


  • Each first and second grader will complete two play projects this year: A reinvented fairy tale and a visual support.
  • This work will be the only homework that your first or second grader will have all week. These projects are due to the Wheeler on Thursday morning, so that we can set them up in the lobby to be viewed and admired.
  • Writers have been working on their fairy tales all week, and the stories are phenomenal. If you could support your writer’s progression towards a final copy, then that would help them along. Check the Play Project Rubric that went home in homework folders today for more details on our expectations and examples. (We’ll also be emailing you a copy in case your hard copy “disappears”.) These are really going to blow your socks off. If you have the time and energy to type up your author’s creation, then that’s an option as well. Final copies of these stories will be on display at the Wheeler for all to see and enjoy.
  • The visual support projects will reflect your kiddo’s original fairy tale. These thoughtful creations will also be on display at the Wheeler, and we can’t wait to see them!


  • There are zero expectations for when you watch the play! Come one night, come both nights, come zero nights – it’s all up to you and your family’s schedule. No expectations or judgement on our end. You do you.
  • Our scene is the first scene of the second act, which means we kick things off when the curtain opens after intermission. Because of this timing, and because we share the Green Room (our dressing room) with the Ks (who are in the Green Room during the first act), we are not allowed to be backstage before intermission. Do not drop your first or second grader backstage before 7:45pm. There will be nobody available to supervise before 7:45pm. This scheduling juggling means that there are two options for 1-2 students during the performances:
    1. Your first or second grader can, with a purchased ticket (we’re fans of adhering to the fire codes), sit with you and watch the first act of the show. They will walk down to the Green Room at intermission (they will totally know how to get there by this point!), where they’ll get changed and fully ready for their scene. They’ll perform brilliantly, come back to the Green Room, prepare for the finale, rock the finale, come back to the Green Room, change back into street clothes, and then be delivered to your welcoming and celebratory arms in the lobby (where the bar is).
    2. If you’re not going to watch the show, then you can deliver your kiddo to the stage door of the Wheeler (on Mill St.) at 7:45pm. They’ll make their way up to the Green Room and proceed to do all of the great things described above. After the show, you can pick them up in the lobby (where the bar is) at 9:15pm.

We’ll see you and/or your fantastic student at the Wheeler on Monday morning!

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie