Numerous Creations


Highlights: Last week it was delightful watching kids bring donations for the Family Visitor Center Moms and their babies. We were also happy to make $275.00 at the cookie sale for The Family Visitor Center. A special thanks goes to:

  • Elise and Meghan for creating a captivating flyer  
  • Christine, Amy, and Christine Tullar making scrumptious cookies
  • Kimberly, Yosefa, and Kathy  for selling the cookies
  • Paradise Bakery for donating 100 cookies

Language Arts:Reading: In small groups, they continued to read predictable stories and worked on sounding out nonsense and real consonant, vowel, consonant words.

Writing: The Ks continued writing true stories. They were challenged to:

  • Stretch out their sounds slowly and write the sounds down without help from a teacher
  • Create 2-3 pages that they could read to the group in one session.
  • Create stories with a beginning, middle, and an end

To support the Ks forming lowercase letters correctly, the focus was on  forming “the magic Cc letters such as c,o,a,g, d. In addition, the K  made signs for the various donated cookies.

Math: The Ks continued to learn about shapes. Using cut out geometric shapes, they incorporated them into pictures.

Homework: Set aside time your child can create a different colorful quilt by coloring the shapes on the quilt page. (One of the pages will go onto the Qq page of his/her ABC book.) Have fun helping your child think up words that have the long and short Oo sound that he/she can illustrate.  Encourage your child to have at least 4 pictures of words that begin with the the short o and long o sound such as octopus, orangutan, orange, ox, and ostrich. Enjoy hearing your child read his/her books.

Gratitude: Thank you, Gaby and Julie for the snacks. Thank you Kimberly for helping a bunch of Ks glue their bones onto the correct places on their skeletons. Thank you Amy and Aminah  for spending Friday morning supporting the Ks with writing workshop, gluing their skeleton bones in place, handwriting, and planting narcissus. Thank you Vanessa for supporting the kids having a wonderful time in the gym. Thank you Richard for helping the Ks try on and find the correct size cross- country boot.

Upcoming Dates: Wednesday 12/13 K-4 Winter Festival 5:00-6:30, Thursday 12/14 Field Trip 10:30-12:30- Be sure your child has warm outdoor gear and a picnic lunch. Friday 12/15 8:30 Filling the Gift Bags, Thursday 12/21-Wednesday 1/3 Winter Break

Volunteer Support: 12/11 1:45-2:25 Help each K put dogwood branches on the inside of their narcissus pots.

12/12 Help each K glue labels on to their skeleton poster one at a time. We are keeping the time opened ended in hopes that if someone has a few hours they will let us know when he/she can help.

12/13 10:15- 11:40 Help each K wrap the Narcissus pots 

12/14 10:30-12:30 1 or 2 volunteers- Field trip to a ranch in Woody Creek to see what the beaver have done.

12/14 2:00- 4:00  Help lay out the gifts in the Central Area

12/15 8:15 2 Volunteers to help the Ks fill the Gift Bags

12/15  1:00- 2:45 A volunteer to help in the afternoon


Annie & Margaret