Oh, the Places We’ll Go

Highlights: This week the focus was on the upcoming camping trip. In Art, the Ks learned about Andy Goldsworthy and made a group, outdoor sculpture. In Music they learned campfire songs.  With the help of some of the 5-7th grade girls, the Ks took learned how to set up a tent. With Jim and two 7th grade girls the Ks played team building games.  

Notes: Camping: Thank you for sending in all your forms and volunteering to help during the trip. We sent a map to John Kelly’s Ranch in the parent section of your child’s Friday Folder.  

For all of you who drop off your child in the morning, would you consider sending in your child’s gear on Monday?  We could pack the gear in one of our cars on Monday which would help with space on the bus and with the Tuesday departure logistics.

Thank you John-Mark,  Aminah, Amy, and Christine for making 3 dozen homemade cookies. Due to the fact there are kids, who have nut allergies, please don’t put nuts in your batter.

Keep your eye out for a camping email that will be sent on Sunday or Monday with specific info for you and your child.


El Tioga Surprise: When Jeffie Butler used the cash box for the 5-6 Hot Dog El Tioga, she found $115.00 in the lower section of the cash box. There were checks that were dated for our K El Tacoga. She gave Cindy the money and told us the good news. As a result we are cancelling the K El Tioga on May 30th.

K Celebration- We‘d like to create a time to come together to celebrate the Ks at ACS.  Tentatively we put down Thursday, May 31 1:30- 2:50, the time before afternoon dismissal. If this time doesn’t work for you, please let us know if any of the following could work such as a lunch celebration on Wednesday 5/30 or Thursday 5/31 from 12:15 to1:35. We’ll let you know what the majority desires. 

Upcoming Dates:  May 28th – Memorial Day, No School, May 31st- K Celebration at ACS 1:30- 2:50- unless a better time was determined,  June 1st – Last Day of school, June 5th – 8th grade graduation.

Gratitude: Thank you Celeste and Emirah for the snacks this week. The Ks especially enjoyed decorating the cupcakes.

We look forward to being with you on our trip. 

Annie & Margaret