Older Kids Rock!

Older Kids Rock!!

Highlights: This week the Ks learned their parts in The Jungle Book! Everyone was impressed with how quickly every K learned his/her lines, and with how easily they are able to follow directions to move on stage as wolves, bears, or panthers. Now we just need to practice! They are so cute, they will steal the show!

Literacy: Wow! These kiddos are growing into strong readers and writers. We are really studying magic “e” words, and next week we will dive into the two vowel rule. These two grammar rules help us “flip” vowels from short sound to long sound. Ks are also learning new popcorn and vocabulary words, and we are talking about what is happening in books to check for comprehension. They listen to me, and I read with them for fluency, and so all of the pieces are working together for them to be successful.

In writing we wrapped up our small group persuasive writing pieces. The subjects for these pieces are focused on worldly issues with wolves, bears, or panthers. Your children are very insightful, and they have come up with good ideas as to how to take better care of these animals.

Wellness: Casey was back on Wednesday to wrap up her lessons on patience. Next week she will start to teach about the courage tool. We also had talks in our class this week about hitting as there were a couple of instances with that. I reminded the Ks that any kicking, hitting, pushing, name calling, or unkind statements are simply not appropriate. We talked about what other tools they could use instead of resorting to these other ways of dealing with anger or frustration. They came up with the words tool, the space tool, and breathing tool. We are so grateful to have this social emotional curriculum which gives us the language to discuss these sensitive issues meaningfully with kids at any age.

Math: This week we started Unit 7 which is called “How Many Noses, How Many Eyes?” We giggled at this title, and then we got to work! So far we have learned more deeply about attributes or characteristics between things that are the same or different, and we have done attribute sorts with 2-D shapes. This allowed us to review the names of the shapes, and we found we were a bit rusty; especially with the names for hexagon, trapezoid, and rhombus. Please feel free to review these shape names at home. We have also started to gather our own data through class surveys. Next week we will analyze our data and move on to other concepts from there.

Science: Our chicks arrived! Kai Kohlhepp and his mom, Lisa, went to Sustainable Settings and picked up 18 fertilized eggs! We have been tending to them in the incubator making sure they have humidity, warmth, and that they are turning every day. In 21 days we should have at least a few chicks which we will give back to the farm. Along the way we will keep our chick journal. We will have an “egg” lab, and we will classify animals into the categories of viviparous, oviparous, and ovoviviparous – look those terms up, or wait for your K to explain them to you!

Homework: Reading books (please help your child find time to read these books at least 3 times while they are home); Jim is AWESOME because…; Math: a third classmate’s story problem, number line addition practice

Gratitude: Thank you Kai W. and Jen for the wonderful snacks! Thanks to Kai and Lisa Kohlhepp for delivering our chicks and for volunteering all day on Friday once again. Thanks to Di Baker for subbing on Thursday morning. Thank you Rick and Jim Morrison, as well as Emily Teague, for helping build our sets for the musical. Thank you parents for supporting all of us with the numerous activities going on at school. Thank you Garry Pfaffman for giving us a copy of the mammal book that you and Hilary wrote. These will be coming home soon!

General Information: If you have paid for your child to eat a lunch on Thursdays, please also remember to send in a snack.

Reminder: Outdoor Education (Outdoor Ed.) will take place on May 22-24. We will be going again to John Kelly’s Ranch, called End of the Road Ranch, in New Castle. Each year we ask for at least one parent for each child join us for at least one night. Please talk this over with your family, and decide which night you’d like to join. The morning of the 23rd we follow the river and go on a fairly long hike. You may want to join us for that as well. Please let me know over the next few weeks which parents would like to join.

Reminder: The Jungle Book (our musical)Please remember to purchase tickets for your K, as well as other family members, to the musical at www.aspenshowtix.org. The Week at the Wheeler schedule is out! I will send it to you as a separate document. PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS COMPLETELY. *I will send home another Google Doc for you to sign up how your child will arrive to the Wheeler and return home each day.


Upcoming Dates:

Snack Queen will be Charlotte Adams for the week of April 22nd!

  • Mon., April 22 – Paint Night – when parents/students come in and help paint the sets.
  • Mon., April 29 – Week at the Wheeler begins – Check Google Doc for details.
  • Thurs., Fri., May 2 & 3 – SPRING MUSICAL!!!
  • Mon., May 6 – REST DAY, NO SCHOOL!
  • Weds., May 8 – Morning Field Trip to Aspen T.R.E.E. (Please let me know if you’d like to join on the bus or meet us there.)
  • Weds., May 22-Fri., May 24 – K, 1,2 Outdoor Ed.!
  • Mon., May 27 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL!
  • Weds., May 29 – All School Read In!
  • Thurs., May 30 – Tentative date for a special fossil showing at school
  • Fri., May 31 – Last Day of School K-6!

Have a wonderful spring weekend!


Margaret and Heather

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