Olympic Performances

Watching athletes engage in the pursuit of excellence through effort, coaching, failing and trying again, all in the pursuit of achievement is the Olympic story that catches our attention, and our hearts. Audiences love the back stories that put our athletes into the international theater almost as much as we love the performances themselves. Your kids, our students, are creating their own back stories each and every day. My job is to push them just a bit out of their comfort zones, to provide them guidance, to help pick them up when they need it, and to acknowledge their growth and achievement.  Most families at ACS feel the emotion of this process when watching Celebrate the Beat, the all school play, presentations at All School Meetings, graduation ceremonies, Panel Presentations, and pictures of kids on the summit of Castle Peak. These are our Olympic theaters. But the small steps that lead to the big shows are what excites me.

Most of my time is not spent directly on these huge events, but on daily practice of writing strategies, reading discussions, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking activities. And most of my evenings are spent reading students’ thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Through their writing, I enjoy a glimpse into their back stories, and you deserve to see some of their process. Take a look at some of the writing I’ve enjoyed over the weekend, and recognize that our students are engaged in becoming Olympic quality people, with big hearts, and open eyes. Take time to look through your student’s website from this past month, and let them guide you through their work. There are some real gems out there. Enjoy!

I watch as color dances
As it flies across my sight.
I watch as matter takes form
As my ideas take flight.I watch as my emotions arise,
As they are woven into a masterpiece,
I watch as anger and kindness alike,
Sing harmoniously for my centerpiece.

I watch as my mind becomes reality
As thoughts and emotions materialize in front of me.

I watch as inspiration,
Becomes my creation.


Like a white cloud
roaming the blue sky
I chase my dreams
in hope of making them
​come true.
​If I were in charge of the world,
There’d be shorter school days,
​Longer weekends and vacations,
There’d be healthier horses,
and dogs that don’t die.
​If I were in charge of the world,
There wouldn’t be such a thing as too much sugar,
You wouldn’t have hurt or really sad,
You wouldn’t have bedtimes,
Or even “This is the worst day ever”.
There wouldn’t even be the worst day ever.


My Name
My name is the muddy colored paint on the downstairs walls, where the surfboards hang, sun glistening on the fresh wax.
My name is the crashing of the waves on to the crunchy sand at 6:30 in the morning not wanting to get up and retrieve the surfboards on that muddy wall.
My name is the sudden thud, that wakes you up after a coconut drops to the ground, and the sweeeeclpat sound, of a dead palm leaf sailing to the ground.
My name is the joy of my family all together happy and free.
My name is the sway in the creaking of the palm trees and the humid salty smell of the ocean.
My name is surfing, waking up early each morning to surf some waves and feel the warmth of the early morning sun.
My name is Costa Rica.


From Bad Comes Good #2
Some days the world seems against you,
Some days you want nothing,
Only because of those days, can you have the best day of your life.


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