Opportunities arise after ODE disappointment!

Opportunities arise after ODE disappointment!

Highlights: This week we had a disappointment due to weather. We had to cancel our ODE trip because John Kelly’s Ranch was under water and tree limbs after a big storm blew through. Instead we spent the week with more classroom learning and hiking on Friday.

Our hike was with some amazing parents up to the top of “Chris’s Bump,” a small hill behind our playground. We took the long way up, stopped for lunch, journaled, and appreciated our incredible surroundings. For something special, Ks were invited to pick a rock to bring back in honor of Chris, to add to his memorial collection at school.

Literacy: One more week of reading at another level for all, and wrapped up persuasive writing. We continue with reading assessments, and we had an all class writing assessment.

Wellness: We spent a long time discussing what it means to e flexible when things don’t go our way. We also dedicated our Friday hike to Chris Faison when we hiked up to his favorite “bump” behind the school.  

Math: We finished Unit 8! We learned how to weigh things with a balance and compare weights, we dug more deeply into teen numbers, and we reviewed data recording and shapes.  

Science: We wrapped up our seed unit by comparing what our plants looked like after they were outside for one hour.

Homework: Reading books (the more you read these books at home with a parent, the more fluently your kiddos will read!), math page from the book – finding things in teen amounts

Gratitude: Thank you Orrin and Jeffie for the amazing snacks! Thank you Karina for the summer birthday goodies! Thank you River and Shane, Chris Marconi, Molly, Jen Causing, Lieba, Kumiko, Maria, and Lisa K. for joining us on our hike!

General Information: Thursday, 5/30: In the morning, we are excited to participate in a K-4 Field Day. In the afternoon, we are heading off on our “Outdoor Ed Make-Up Hike”! Our afternoon/evening schedule will look a little something like this:


  • 1:00pm – Jump on the bus, go up to the Flying Dog Ranch (up towards Lenado). Hike up the trail to the old campsite.
  • 2:00pm – Begin the summit hike of the MIGHTY Single Tree Mountain. Much like the Stairway to Heaven hike at Kelly’s, this trail is a glorified game trail that will bring us up a scrambly mountainside to a lovely valley overlook. This hike is also where first grade hikers will hide their gifts for second grade hikers.
  • 5:00pm – YOU JOIN US! Please carpool up to the campsite (parking is extremely limited and high-clearance). We are trying to get a shuttle together… we’re picturing folks parking up at school and then jumping in a few cars to get the last few miles up to the campsite. If you have a high-capacity 4WD vehicle (or, quite honestly, an open pickup truck), then let us know!
  • 5:30pm – Dinner. We’ll reprise our spaghetti dinner.
  • 7:00pm – We’re out! Everyone goes home.


Upcoming Dates:

Snack King will be Oskar for the week of May 28!

  • Mon., May 27 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL!
  • Weds., May 29 – All School Read In!
  • Thurs., May 30 – A visit from a paleontologist at 9:30 in the morning, Field Day at 10:30, and at 1:00 we will take the bus up the road to Stranahan Ranch for ODE make-up!
  • Fri., May 31 – Last Day of School K-6! Jim’s last All School Meeting at 8:15 – please plan to join us! Also, please plan on picking up your child on this day as he/she may have a lot to bring home!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Margaret and Heather

Closing Pix: K Yogis!!!