Our penultimate weekend check-in!

Happy holiday weekend, everyone!

As we make our way into our final week of the 2018-2019 school year (woah!!!), we want to extend our gratitude to YOU, our parents and our teammates, for making this year so wonderful. Thank you for your support, thank you for your communication, thank you for your celebrity guest reading, thank you for your yummy treats, thank you for all of the LOVE that you’ve shown us and our classroom this year. Also… thank you for swooping through your home and gathering and returning all classroom books that have been hiding out!

Here’s what’s coming home in your child’s homework folder this weekend:

  • Your Outdoor Ed check! We’re sending everyone’s money back since we cancelled our trip. If you paid us in cash, then we will hand you said bills when we next see you in person. We didn’t want to send cash home in the folders!
  • Your first or second grader’s Explorers’ Club project sheet! Despite the typo on the sheet, not every student has to make a project about germs. Everyone has his or her own topic and can create some way to synthesize the information that has been gathered over the past two weeks.

Here’s what our last week of school will look like:

  • Monday, 5/27: No school. Memorial Day.
  • Tuesday, 5/28: Normal day of school. Please send your kiddo in with a reusable shopping bag. We will be sending all sorts of stuff home this week as we clean out our space.
  • Wednesday, 5/29: ACS Read-In #2! From 10:10 – 11:50, all ACS students and teachers will be participating in our second read-in to celebrate our love of literacy.
  • Thursday, 5/30: In the morning, we are excited to participate in a K-4 Field Day. In the afternoon, we are heading off on our “Outdoor Ed Make-Up Hike”! Our afternoon/evening schedule will look a little something like this:
    • 1:00pm – Jump on the bus, go up to the Flying Dog Ranch (up towards Lenado). Hike up the trail to the old campsite.
    • 2:00pm – Begin the summit hike of the MIGHTY Single Tree Mountain. Much like the Stairway to Heaven hike at Kelly’s, this trail is a glorified game trail that will bring us up a scrambly mountainside to a lovely valley overlook. This hike is also where first grade hikers will hide their gifts for second grade hikers.
    • 5:00pm – YOU JOIN US! Please carpool up to the campsite (parking is extremely limited and high-clearance). We are trying to get a shuttle together… we’re picturing folks parking up at school and then jumping in a few cars to get the last few miles up to the campsite. If you have a high-capacity 4WD vehicle (or, quite honestly, an open pickup truck), then let us know!
    • 5:30pm – Dinner. We’ll reprise our spaghetti dinner.
    • 7:00pm – We’re out! Everyone goes home.
  • Friday, 5/31: Last day of school! Please join us for our Adios to Jim ASM at 8:15am. We will have a celebratory slide show and gallery walk of Explorers’ Club books and projects at 1:30pm. You are absolutely invited to come and share in our love fest.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare for next week:

  • Send in a strong bag on Tuesday so that we can send work home with your kiddo.
  • Your child’s stocked daypack for Thursday. Here’s the packing list:
    • daypack
    • raincoat
    • warm layers (For the campfire after the hike)
    • snack, lunch, extra snacks, all necessary utensils
    • full water bottle
    • hat
    • sunscreen
    • puffy coat for evening
    • good solid hiking shoes
    • extra socks
    • long pants (Very important this year because the Woody Creek ticks are out in full force. *shudder* We need those pant legs tucked into those socks!)
  • Here’s what you’ll need for Thursday night:
    • a blanket to share with your family! Perhaps a sitting blanket and a wrapping blanket?
    • warm layers – it can get breezy and chilly up there.
    • a plate, a cup, and a fork for every eating mouth in your family.
    • a bag in which to transport your family’s dishes back to your home.

Here are some specific Thursday jobs we need help with:

  • Setting up the kitchen area at the campsite on Thursday afternoon
  • Shuttling parents up and back on Thursday evening
  • Some hiking partners for our mighty summit climb!

That’s our news! It’s a lot, so please reach out with any questions. Yes, it’s a long holiday weekend, but we’re absolutely here for you.

Love, us

PS: Here are some super cute pictures from this week’s celebrity guest readers: the 5th and 6th graders!