Highlights: With the help of Meghan, Amy, Delvon, Maria, Hilary, Heather, Margaret and me, the Ks had a great time turning their 2D dimensional plans into 3D.  Most of the Ks finished assembling all the pieces. Some of the Ks showed and told about their inventions at All School Meeting. Others will show their work at the next meeting. 

Language Arts: Reading: The Ks listened to and responded to Leonardo and the Flying Boy. In small groups they read various leveled books. Writing: The Ks brainstormed and collectively made a draft of a How to book about making an invention. Each K is in the process of making a specific How to book about his/her particular invention. 

Math: The focus was on visualizing, solving, and representing addition and subtraction story problems, combining two amounts, and separating one amount from another. They laid out a specific amount of tiles  in various ways to make a number. Then they circled the various parts and wrote the numerical equation.  

Homework: Help your child find numerical facts about his/her animal that he/she can draw and write about bon the page in the math section. Enjoy listening to your child read his/her books. After your child reads a book, take a moment to respond to the story. Pick a sentence in one of his/her books to copy. Close the book. Write each word of the sentence on a small scrap of paper. Scramble the pieces of paper. Have your child read each word and lay out the words in order. Have fun.

Gratitude: Thank you Craig and Amy for reading nonfiction excerpts to some of the Ks. Thank you Ava Marie and Amy for the snacks. Thank you  Meghan, Amy, Delvon, and Maria for helping the Ks with their inventions.

Upcoming Dates: 02/6- 5 pm Kids need to arrive at 5pm for the 6 pm performance. 02/ 9 – No school teacher work day. 02/14 Afternoon Valentine Party- stay tuned for more info. 02/17 17 – Hoedown – Our ACS/CCS family fundraiser at Cozy Point Ranch

Notes: On Tuesday, school gets out at 2:50. The kids are supposed to be back here at 5:00. When you factor in the time it takes for your child to leave and come back to school, it may just be an hour for your child to relax/rest and get food. You are free to pick your child up earlier. There is a dress rehearsal from 1:00-2:00. You are welcome to pick your child up at 2:15.  Please let us know if you’d like to pick up your child early.

Volunteer Needs:We need reading helpers to help the Ks read about their Explorers’ Club animals. On Wednesday and Thursday. The ideal time would be the morning when you drop off your child or 12:45- 1:45.  Let us know when you are available. A volunteer to glue in finished letter pages into the ABC Books. A volunteer to sort and add work to portfolios

Thanks and cheers,

Annie & Margaret