The scoop in 3-4

Quote of the Week: Chosen by Kit ~  “Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.” Truman Capote

What’s Happenin’

Our class read-aloud, Number the Stars, continues to hold us at the edge of our seats.  Historical fiction is a wonderful way to learn more about what it was like in different time periods, during different historical events, and to take on different perspectives.  This week we started to connect the use nonfiction materials to our class novel and book club novels by looking for images, articles, maps, etc. that would enrich our experience of the story and provide us with important background knowledge.  You could ask your child what they want to know more about, and try to find nonfiction materials that could help them understand better.

Warning- your child may become highly persuasive and opinionated due to our new writing units! We are exploring persuasive speeches and opinionated essays by building convincing arguments that prove a strong thesis. We are looking at problems in the world and imagining solutions, thinking about who or what is noteworthy that inspires us, and determining what truly matters to us. This is a powerful unit. I apologize ahead of time if you child makes an extremely convincing argument that they need a pony ;)

Upcoming Dates


  • January 17-February 5th: Celebrate The Beat practice
  • February 6th at 5:00: Arrive to school for CTB Performance


    • February 9th: No School – Teacher Professional Development Day
    • February 14th: Valentine’s day (see announcement below for class connection)


  • February 19th: No School – Presidents day


With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Bo and family, for providing nutritious, delicious snacks for our class this week.
  • Thank you to all the parents that attended the Canyonlands meeting last night.  We will send some of the information electronically on Monday.


  • Next week’s snack person is:  Chloe
  • Weekly Homework packet is due Thursday, as usual. Nightly reading and logging is expected, and some of this time should be spent on book club reading/writing goals.
  • Wednesday, February 14th the 3-4 will exchange valentines.  Your child does not need to participate, but we ask if s/he brings a valentine for anyone in our class, s/he brings one for everyone. We are working to create an inclusive environment.  We are including a class list for your convenience (see bottom of blog).

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