Second Week

Highlights: For their second all school meeting the Ks bravely showed the school their heart chain. They explained that the hearts reminded them to come from their hearts-to be kind. We enjoyed seeing most of you at our Back to School Night. For those of you who brought snacks, thank you. 
The next day, your kids loved seeing their decorated folders, ABC Letters on their books, and your journal entries. In case you want to refer to it, we put “The Year At A Glance” under Parent Info on the right side of the blog. (Scroll down past the calendar and the weekly schedule)

Language Arts: The Ks began thinking how they could take care of themselves during independent reading time. So far they have come up with the following: Read quietly, stay in one place, turn the pages carefully, and read the whole time. The Ks continued to listen, predict, turn and talk, and respond to stories such as Friends and The Jigaree.


The Ks picked out an ABC book and looked at the A page to get ideas for pictures they could create that began with the short a and long a sound for their first page of their alphabet book.  

Math:The Ks continued to learn the calendar routines such as singing the days of the week in Spanish and English and noting the day of the week, the date, the number of school days, and the daily weather. They explored various math tools such as tiles, buttons, and attribute blocks. They used their counting skills to figure out how many Ks were present and how many Ks wanted second snack helpings.

Science: The Ks spent Wednesday morning learning about how to care for  bees, plants, goats, and chickens at Aspen TREE.

Wellness: We continued to focus on kindness and taking deep breaths. In response to the questions, “How can you be kind?” each Ks came up with an idea and made colorful drawings. In art they made hearts and showed their work at all school meeting.

Gratitude:Thank you Gray and Kiki for the tasty snacks. Thank you Kiki for reading one of Grey’s favorite books, Zita-Spacegirl to the class.Thank you Amy and Maria for helping us on our field trip. Thank you, Aminah for supporting the Ks on Friday morning. Thank you for volunteering to make  soup-Amy, salad-Yosefa, Galen, bread-Meghan and Yosefa and Zander for offering to serve and cleanup for The El Tioga Garden Harvest.

Notes: As we mentioned at Back to School night, The El Tioga Garden Harvest fundraiser on Thursday, September 28 is an all school buffet meal made with fresh garden ingredients, whenever possible. Each ACS class will help provide soup, salad, bread, and dessert for the feast. The proceeds will support children and teachers in schools that have been hard hit by Hurricane Harvey through an initiative called Literacy Lifeboats.

Homework:Due by Wednesday As they did with the letter Aa, have your child color in the letter Tt and draw pictures of words that begin with the T sound. Support your child to complete the math page, which focuses on counting. Have fun!

Upcoming Dates: Monday, September 18, Cece is snack queen for the week.

Thursday, September 28- All School Garden Harvest El Tioga- See Notes

Friday, September 29th: No school, Teacher Workday

Volunteer Support: Please let us know if you’d could make a dessert such as apple crisp or peach cobbler for the El Tioga Garden Harvest.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. Have a lovely evening,

Annie and Margaret