Smiles and Snow

Happy Friday, everyone! 


  • As readers this week, we have been asking ourselves what surprised us and/or what confused us after we read a book. Using The Summer My Father Was Ten as a whole class read aloud, we practiced these deeper comprehension skills together. Your reader’s homework will include a reading log that addresses these same points.
  • This week’s word work has included contractions and -ould words. We’ve been discovering which letters get replaced in a contraction when the apostrophe enters the game, and we’ve been using the, “O(yes, we wish it was YOU) Lucky Duck” reminder when we spell -ould words like could, would, and should.


  • Your first and second grade poets have been experimenting with different structures of poems (list poems, story poems, or maybe even conversation poems), continuing to explore the power of repetition, comparing feelings and objects with similes and metaphors, and enjoying seeing their published words accumulate on the walls of our classroom.
Capturing our own poems on the wall!


  • Be sure to ask your first or second grade mathematician about FRACTIONS in today’s All School Meeting!

  • Your first grade mathematicians are finding the total of two quantities (0-10), considering whether order matters in addition, and developing strategies for adding two numbers by counting on or using a known fact. Keep an eye out for a deck of cards in your first grader’s book bag this week. The math game they (and you!) will be playing requires cards. Please return these cards when homework gets returned next week. Thanks!
  • Your second grade mathematicians are sorting data with up to four categories based on similar attributes, representing a set of data sorted into up to four categories, and representing, describing, and interpreting data on a bar graph.
Using Venn Diagrams to play “Guess My Rule” with yektti cards and multiple rules.


  • Wednesday, March 7th: Empty Bowls! Please contact Hilary F. to sign up for a volunteer shift or to contribute in another way. We’re excited to see you there!


  • “Holding on to a hurt is like holding a hot ember and hoping the other person will get burned.”
    • We introduced the Apology and Forgiveness Tool this week. This is a multi-part, sophisticated tool. On the one hand, you have to find the courage, strength, and calmness to apologize to another person (or group of people) for your mistakes. On the other hand, you have to be prepared to wait and see if the other person is ready to forgive you. On yet another hand, you might find yourself in the position to decide whether or not you will forgive another person when they sincerely apologize to you.
      • The icon for this tool is a bottle of glue, and the hand gesture is rubbing your two palms together. Here is the description from the Toolbox (we love this description):
        • Apology and Forgiveness is the glue that holds and repairs broken relationships. Just like we glue two pieces of paper together, we use Apology and Forgiveness to glue friendships back together and to restore communication. Students can put their palms together and rub them, as though they are gluing together two sheets of paper, to remind themselves about apologizing and forgiving.
  • Since we ACTUALLY have snow on campus, we want to jump out on our cross-country skis in the next couple of weeks. In order for this to happen, however, we have a serious boot-fitting job ahead of us. Would anyone be available for a morning boot-fitting with our class? Tuesday morning, from 8:15ish until 9:15ish, would be an awesome time for two or three happy and helpful parents to go through our boot selection with 62 small feet. Please let Kristina know if you might be one of those people!
  • Casey will be out of the classroom next week and part of the following week. She is heading off on two trips, to celebrate her grandmother’s life (almost 95 years!), and to celebrate her own anniversary (20 years!). While we will miss her sweetness and smile, we know that she’ll be enjoying herself in the sun and with family. Di Baker will be in our classroom for the time that Casey is gone.
  • In order to preserve dry clothes at school, we have a rule that you can only go sledding if you have snow pants. The sledding hill is rockin’ right now (see top blog photo), with points accumulating for tricks and performance, and the finals quickly approaching. Sledding is super fun. Bring snow pants.


  • Thanks, everyone, for all of your helpful support with last weekend’s Hoedown. What a fun fundraiser! Our bandana booth was extremely well staffed with parent and student helpers, our school’s joyful presence was evident throughout the arena, and we hear that the event was a big success. Yee-haw!
  • Thanks, John-Mark and Lilah, for the two scrumptious loaves of bread this week.
  • Thanks, Yosefa, for the refreshing apple juice.

That’s the news from our classroom! Enjoy the snowy weekend, keep fighting those nasty germs, and we’ll see you and/or your fabulous child back in school on Monday morning.

– Kristina, Casey, and Katie